Top 10 unusual things to do in Amsterdam
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Top 10 unusual things to do in Amsterdam

Top 10 unusual things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a city of contrasts and the best place for emotion hunters and those looking for unrealistic experiences. Discover the best unusual things to do in Amsterdam and add them to your bucket list for an upcoming visit.

1. Start your day early to embrace the silence of this high-spirited city on your own

Do you know a better way to visit a city when there is no other human being except you? Amsterdam is one of the busiest and active cities in the world. It’s the center of non-stop night parties and vibrant narrow streets. Now imagine a situation when you take a trip to the city which is internationally known as the capital of hard parties and unlimited alcohol. You finish by getting there at 8 am and there is no evidence of life.

It’s what happened to me when I went to Amsterdam for the first time. Believe me, it’s unreal to discover the sleeping city with its narrow picturesque streets extending along unlimited water canals and thousands of chained bicycles. By the way, did you know that the capital of the Netherlands beats the record by having the highest number of bicycles circulating the city every single day?

morning in Amsterdam
Morning in Amsterdam

2. Have a stroke of fear in the Amsterdam Torture Museum

It’s a unique way to experiment with the history of a city while projecting oneself to the painful past. Amsterdam’s Torture Museum highlights more than 40 instruments of punishment in its international exhibition called “Punishments and Verdicts in the Middle Ages”. The best time to visit the Torture Museum is between 10 am and 01 pm. Note, that there is always a lot of crowd waiting to experiment with the scariest activity in Amsterdam. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the museum’s history for getting ready for this thrilling top adventure.

Torture Museum
Torture Museum

3. Make fun by learning about the history of cannabis and marihuana

Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum is a must-do activity in Amsterdam due to the Netherland’s liberal drug policy. Besides the negative effects of drug abuse, the drugs have a healing purpose and have always been used for medicinal and spiritual reasons. By visiting the drug museum you will find out more about the ancient and modern drug usages and enjoy an unreal Dutch experience. You’ll also have a visit to the cannabis garden and will fulfill your cultural hunger by some incredible artwork illustrated in the museum. The museum works every day from 10 am to 10 pm. Currently, their website is under construction, so you can get tickets on the spot.

medical cannabis
Medical cannabis

4. Visit a well-known condom shop

Whether you are a first-time traveler or someone who is coming back for new experiences, this is one of the best things to experiment in Amsterdam. While sex is a taboo topic in most countries, the Dutch people don’t see any inconvenience of opening an entire shop dedicated to sex-related items such as condoms, erotic art, and contraception. They are even boasting their shop with pride and sharing its benefits to everyone. The reason for this is that this shop has been an ultimate medical solution since its opening to combat the transmission of AIDS. Plan a visit to this shop and add it to your ultimate bucket-list for some top fun and unique Dutch experience.

condon shop in Amsterdamclass=
Condom shop in Amsterdam

5. Take a ride on a bubble bike

If you want to take your stay in Amsterdam to the next level, you should hang out in a bubble group bike which is a 100% guaranteed fun attraction. Imagine yourself in a tuk-tuk pedaling along with the city, visiting the best attractions of the city while enjoying a bottle of exclusive drink. The city has taken its visitor experience to the next level by providing the best activities in the funniest and most relaxing way. This activity is one of the best available things to enjoy in Amsterdam that I recommend the most.

6. Get frozen in the Xtracold Icebar

Sometimes the coldest experiences finish being the hottest ones. Xtracold Icebar is the perfect combination of fun activities and creative environment to be shared among friends. Your host will be Willem Barentszт - a top Dutch explorer. He will share with you the hidden secrets of his unreal frozen empire. In addition to your entrance ticket, you will get 3 welcome drinks for free. Isn’t it fantastic?

7. Book a place in a sex show

One of the most unique things to experiment in Amsterdam but also in the Netherlands, in general, is to attend a sex show. Amsterdam allows you to free your imagination by booking a show at Casa Rosso, the pearl of the Red Light District. Dutch people always say that sex is an art and mastering this art demands some time and practice. Amsterdam’s world-famous reputation of a city where everything is allowed made it an unusual destination for those looking to share unbelievable sensations. Your bucket-list will never be completed if you miss out on visiting this place. Take a walking tour of the Red Light District before getting to the world of some great sexual entertainment.

8. Take a tour of the Museum N8 in Amsterdam city

Each year in November all the museums of Amsterdam open their doors for night tours and host special events. More than 50 museums and cultural institutions open their doors and organize special programs for young people. It allows young people to enjoy Amsterdam in a unique way by combining art, culture and some high adrenaline attractions like rocking out till 2 am.

n8 museum in Amsterdam
N8 Museum in Amsterdam

9. Book an Amsterdam Nude Painting Workshop

Amsterdam Nude painting Workshop is a great way to give free rein to your imagination and share an unbelievably unique experience. This type of painting has always been famous across different continents. It was created by such great and talented artists as Manet or Velasquez. During the workshop, you’ll be provided by all the essential materials and short training to initiate your masterpiece.

10. Prepare yourself for a real Dutch Heineken experience

Imagine taking a private tour of the former Dutch brewery while tasting different kinds of beer. You’ll also learn interesting facts about one of the best beer brands in the world. The private tour includes a guided VIP Heineken experience in a small group, 5 different beer tastings, and cheese. A great atmosphere is guaranteed to enjoy one of the top things to do in Amsterdam.

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