How to say "Cheers" in Russian?
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How to say "Cheers" in Russian?
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How to say "Cheers" in Russian?

Russians are famous for drinking, especially the national drink - vodka. Toasting is not common in every country. However, in Russia, every time before drinking from your glass, you need to say a toast. If you drink in silence and do not say anything, it may be considered impolite. Many people there like to speak long speeches, especially if it is a wedding, birthday or another important event. If it's just a party or dinner with friends, you can simply say the word equivalent to an international “ Cheers”. Of course, you do not need to repeat the same word many times during the evening. That is why Russians have many different ways to say “Cheers”.

If you drink in silence and do not say anything, it may be considered impolite.

Also, Russians love to drink “to” something. For example, to health, to parents, to women, or even just to a meeting. Of course, consuming alcohol for health may seem illogical, but this is one of the most popular toasts. Besides that, you can always find what you want to drink for. For example, you can offer to your friends a glass of vodka for any positive event in your life. It may be the birth of a child, graduation from a school or university, a trip or a significant purchase. By the way, Russian people really like to drink after they have done great shopping. There is even a special term for it - “Obmyt”, what literally means “Washing”. It’s just you do not wash your purchase with booze, but drink it.

As you already understood, in Russia there is a real culture of drinking or cheers etiquette. There are several short, simple and always relevant toasts that you can use while drinking. In addition, there are phrases and toasts that Russians use only among themselves, and if you know them, you will immediately become the most favorite guest.

drinking in russia
Beer party

Cheers in Russian

Za nas - [за нас] - to us - This is one of the easiest and most common ways to toast in the Russian language. It means “to us”, that is, to ensure that everything is good with us.

Za Vas - [за вас] - to you (polite version). Usually, such a toast is pronounced by younger people to older ones. however, you can drink to your opponent, regardless of his age, as a sign of respect for him.

Za zdаrovie - [за здоровье] - to the health. Another way to say “Cheers” in Russia. This toast means that you wish good health to people with whom you share this moment.

Vashe zdorovie - [ваше здоровье] - to your the health. In such a way you can wish a good health to the person you are drinking with.

Tvoyo zdorovie - [твое здоровье] - to your the health. With such a toast you can wish a good health to the person you are drinking with, but more fiendly and familiar one.

Za dam - [за дам] - to women. As in any other country, in Russia, one of the first glasses is often drunk for women.

Za raditeley - [за родителей] - to parents. Toast to parents is always the third in the order. It means a wish for health, good mood and longevity to all parents.

Za nashikh mam - [за наших мам] - to our mothers. One of the oldest ways to say “Cheers”, which always remains popular.

Za vstrechy - [за встречу] - to the meeting. This phrase often pronounced during a party among friends. “Let's have a glass just for being here, for the meeting”.

Za liubof - [за любовь] - to love. Also very popular toast, which is perfectly appropriate in the second part or at the end of the celebration.

Za nashu druzhbu - [за нашу дружбу] - to our friendship. You are drinking to the friendship and to your friends.

Za semiu - [за семью] - to the family. Everything is clear enough here: a toast to the family.

Poehali! - [поехали] - let’s start. This famous phrase is pronounced when almost everything is drunk and the party is about to be finished.

Na pasashok - [на посошок] - the last one! - This phrase is pronounced when the last glass of wine is drunk and it's time to leave. According to this good tradition, before leaving the house, you should have the last drink. By the way, this word exists only in Russia and is not translated into other languages of the world.

drinking with friends
Drinking with friends

Birthday toasts

S dnyom Razhdeniya - [с днем рождения] - Happy Birthday. Friends, relatives, and colleagues will surely tell you this if it is your birthday party.

Za tebya - [за тебя] - to you. Simple and always relevant post. As in English, in Russian, you can simply tell your interlocutor that you drink to him.

Za imeninika - [за именинника] - to the birthday girl / boy.

Bud schastliv - [за твое здоровье] - to your health. You say that when you want to drink to the health of the person you are having a glass with.

Za tvoyo zdorovie - [будь счастлив] - be happy. A short and great wish for the birthday.

birthday in Russia
Birthday party

Wedding toasts

Gorko - [горько] - for newlyweds. In English, this word means "bitterly", but for Russian people this is the main wedding toast. Despite its meaning in English, this is a wish for a happy and “sweet” life to the newlyweds.

Zanavabrátchnyh - [за новобрачных] - for newlyweds.

Za krasáveetsoo neevyéstoo - [за красавицу невесту] - to the beautiful bride.

Výpyim za lubóf - [выпьем за любовь] - let’s drink to love.

wedding in russia
Wedding party

In addition, in Russian culture, there are several special traditions about drinking alcohol. Here are the top rules:

  • Firstly, Russians always clink glasses
  • Secondly, before you drink, it’s important to make a toast or at least say "Cheers!"
  • Also, it is considered impolite to drink alone
  • The owner of the house first fills the glasses of the guests, and then his own one
  • And of course, it is considered impolite to refuse to drink with the owner of the house

So now you know more about the culture of drinking in Russia and with Russian people. Remember that during the party you can always skip one glass or replace it with a non-alcoholic drink. Also, do not forget to eat between the toasts, this will help you stay sober and feel better the next morning.

How to say “Cheers” in other languages?

language translation
Irish Sláinte
French Santé
German Prost
Polish Na zdrowie
Japanese Kanpai
Italian Salute
Greek Yamas
Spanish Salud

Russian drinking culture

According to Russian traditions, alcohol is present at all celebrations and parties. However, in contrast to Western culture, there is a strong culture of alcohol consumption in Russia. As you have already understood, it is very important to make a toast before you drink your glass. Also, there are some articular toasts that should never be missed. For example, when you toast to your parents or sailors, you should definitely empty your glass. By the way, when drinking to sailors, you do not need to sneeze your glasses. Another feature of Russian toasts is that you can not refuse the last toast. Before you leave home, you need to drink the last glass to the bottom.

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