Snabbinträdesbiljett till Eiffeltornet med värd
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Snabbinträdesbiljett till Eiffeltornet med värd

Snabbinträdesbiljett till Eiffeltornet med värd

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Möt värden i närheten av Eiffeltornet, bara 30 minuter före vald inträdestid. När den lilla gruppen är redo promenerar du den korta biten till tornet medan guiden berättar om landmärket. Under den här entimmesturen får du snabbt och enkelt inträde till en av stadens mest välbesökta sevärdheter plus all information om Eiffeltornet som du behöver.

Gå förbi köerna, kliv in i hissen med guiden och åk snabbt upp till andra våningen. Tornet reser sig cirka 114 meter ovanför marken och det är här du sägs få den bästa panoramautsikten i Paris.

Du får en snabb introduktion av värden och sedan kan du gå runt på första och andra våningen i din egen takt. Blicka ut över Champ de Mars – en viktig utsikt från Eiffeltornet – och promenera runt i gångarna och få fågelperspektiv över Les Invalides, Louvren, Notre Dame-katedralen, Sacré Coeur med mera.

Obs! Toppen av tornet ingår inte i den här rundturen. Du kommer inte att kunna köpa en biljett på andra våningen för att bege dig upp på egen hand.
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  • Snabbinträdesbiljett till Eiffeltornet (våning 1 och 2)
  • Introduktion på våning 2 med en värd
Ingår ej
  • Dricks (valfritt)
  • Du får bekräftelse vid bokningstillfället
  • Barn måste åtföljas av målsman
  • Kan genomföras av en flerspråkig guide
  • Eiffeltornets första och andra våningar är tillgängliga med rullstol. Om du vill åka till toppen på egen hand, tänk på att den inte är anpassad för rullstol. Observera att det INTE är möjligt att köpa en biljett till toppen på andra våningen i Eiffeltornet.
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5 | 2019-05-13

Great way to see the Eiffel Tower and bypass long, long lines. Going to the second floor was quick and you could see all of Paris from walking around the tower.

Abhirup Mukherjee
4 | 2019-05-10

We were part of a group of about 20 people. Our guide, Igor, was very humorous (I would say, witty) and knowledgeable. We reported at their office (about 7 minutes from the Eiffel tower, easy to locate) ahead of time, the staff were very friendly, and gave us a warm welcome. The tour started from the office, as Igor started his talks. Security check-in was smooth, we didn't have to wait long for the elevator either. On reaching the second floor, Igor continued his talks, showed us the key attractions from the top, and answered to all our questions. It was a great experience. What didn't go in our favor is the timing. By the time we booked this tour, the tickets for earlier slots were all sold out, and we managed to grab the 9:30pm slot only. It was dark, quite cold and windy at the top, and even though we wanted to stay some more time after the guided tour ended (you are allowed to stay longer), we had to cut short. So if you are taking this tour, try to book for an earlier slot. One more thought - due to the huge crowd and the wind, it was often not easy to follow what Igor was saying. Would have been good if there were radio head sets provided (not sure if there are restrictions imposed by Tower authorities).

5 | 2019-04-29

We arrived at the meeting point quite early as i am like this for anything i do so i always give plenty of time just incase we couldn't find it our tour guide JC he was very informative and he's a very happy chap its definitely worth getting the priority tickets and i would do the same again well done guys

3 | 2019-04-24

The reservation said to be 10 min early to meeting point and we left 15 minutes after our reservation. It was a big group and the tour guide tried to give the explanation loud enough but it was useless.

Bryan L
5 | 2019-04-17

Great visit. The skip the line pass was excellent and our guide gave us a great tour on the second floor of the tower.

Carmen W
5 | 2019-04-17

While the Eiffel tower was amazing, it was so much better going with someone who had local knowledge. Igor was friendly and knowledgeable which made the visit great. Also good to skip the really long queue for tickets.

Johnny B
5 | 2019-04-01

My wife and I had a fantastic time visiting the summit of the Eiffel Tower! The views of the city are spectacular and our guide Juan Carlos was great. We Highly recommend this excursion on your trip to Paris!

Mary Jane
5 | 2019-03-19

Our guide was quite knowledgeable and told us about the history of the tower and, of course, skipping the line was great.

Sherril J
3 | 2019-03-15

It was hard for us to find the meeting place. If you were not in front with tour guide you could not hear any imformation.

Olivia F
5 | 2019-03-13

Mario was excellent! We truly enjoyed his marro was great. He gave excellent guidance on the tour. He was fun and Informative. Ccccvvvvvvvvvvvv. BbbbbbbVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

Brian R
1 | 2019-03-05

€95 for 2 tickets that only take you to the 2nd level (normal value €33 - €16.50 each). Have to say the Tour guide was lovely - but with 20 people in the tour where does the other €62 per couple go? My advice would be to buy tickets from the eiffel tower itself - be prepared for big queues to get to the top - possibly 1 hour+..

3 | 2019-01-03

The title says it all. The meeting place lacked organization. Our meet time was 10am, and was jammed-up with an earlier group that hadn’t started off. No WC facilities while waiting around. Once on the tour, the guide was knowledgeable and eased us through the busy lines. On your own, the wait would have been longer.

1 | 2019-01-02

My son was diagnosed with Appendicitis hours before the tour and we had to take him to the emergency room. It turns out he did not have it but instead had a severe flu but I called Viator and they did not reschedule the tour for a subsequent day. Tragic.

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