Snabbinträde till Eiffeltornet och båttur på Seine
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Snabbinträde till Eiffeltornet och båttur på Seine
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Snabbinträde till Eiffeltornet och båttur på Seine

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Rundtur av Eiffeltornet med snabbinträde: (1,5 timmar)
Välj om du vill vara med på rundturen på morgonen eller eftermiddagen. Möt sedan guiden och inled Paris Super Saver-rundturen med en promenad genom parken vid Trocadéro. Under promenaden berättar guiden om Eiffeltornet, och hur det byggdes inför Världsutställningen 1889. Till en början avskydde Parisborna tornet, men till slut lyckades det vinna lokalbefolkningens hjärta och blev stadens mest hyllade ikon.

Gå förbi de långa inträdesköerna till tornet med din snabbinträdesbiljett och ta hissen direkt upp till andra våningen. Du får höra anekdoter om och historia bakom Paris landmärken som ligger framför dig. Gå runt på utsiktsplatsen med guiden och blicka ut över Marsfältet och Montparnassetornet.
Starttiden för nästa utflykt är flexibel, vilket betyder att du kan knalla ned till den förbestämda mötesplatsen (cirka 200 meter från Eiffeltornet) när det passar dig.

Båttur på Seine: (1 timme)
Hoppa ombord på sightseeingbåten vid flodkanten och koppla av på däck eller i den nedre salongen samtidigt som du färdas längs den välkända floden. Från Seine, som flyter fram genom staden, kan du se glamorösa sevärdheter och dess flodbank i Paris har blivit upptagen på UNESCO:s världsarvslista.

Lyssna på den underhållande guidningen samtidigt som du blickar ut över sevärdheter som till exempel Louvren, en ikonisk byggnad som rymmer några av världens mest hyllade konstverk. Rikta kameran mot Notre Dame – en plats som finns med på UNESCO:s världsarvslista – och beundra La Conciergeries iögonfallande fasad. Det tidigare kungliga slottet och fängelset har inhyst några av landets viktigaste politiska fångar, bland annat Marie Antoinette och Napoleon III.

Efter en timme på vattnet åker ni tillbaka till startpunkten där rundturen avslutas.
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  • Bekväma promenadskor rekommenderas eftersom du kommer att gå en del under den här rundturen
  • Vi beklagar att vi inte kan ta emot gäster med rullstol eller funktionshinder som kräver särskilt stöd. Vi kan inte heller ta med barn- eller sittvagnar på våra grupprundturer
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  • Observera att det inte är möjligt att köpa en biljett tilltoppen på andra våningen i Eiffeltornet.
Carolann G
4 | 2019-10-01

A nice little tour. dont have to wait excessively long to get in and the sites u can see from the 2nd floor are pointed out and little information on them

Mary A
1 | 2019-10-01

I had planned one day in Paris to 'say farewell' to the city, and signed up for the skip the line tour. What I didn't know was that the tour was scheduled for a Saturday that was a national holiday - in September! When I went to get a taxi to take me to the meeting place, I was told traffic was at a standstill. Major arteries were closed and there were demonstrations all over the area where I planned to be. If I had been told about the holiday and the probability of problems getting to the site, I would have chosen a hotel closer to the Tower. They knew that this was likely to be a problem, but there was no warning. I think that is hugely inconsiderate. I missed the Eiffel Tower and the cruise. I was hugely disappointed.

Courtney C
5 | 2019-09-30

Our guide on the Skip the Line Tour was a wonderful young man named Nara - who joked that his American name was Bob. We met him and others at the Museum of Architecture and Monuments. There we were given headphones to hear him better, as well as a ticket for a cruise on the River Seine, which we would be welcome to do on our own at any point. Nara led us from the meeting point down to the Eiffel Tower, sharing interesting facts about the architect who built the tower (Eiffel himself), as well as how many men helped build it, how it is painted every 7 years and so on and so forth. Nara gave us all our tickets, we bypassed the line, went thru security and we were soon on our way up the elevator. I had been to the Eiffel Tower 20 years earlier, but my mom had never been. We decided to just go to the second lookout tour (not all the way to the top) because I remember the view being absolutely fantastic. It was! Once we arrived, Nara told us about a number of the buildings we were seeing and gave us an orientation of Paris. Then, we gave him back our headsets, gave him a tip and bid him and the rest of the group adieu. I would highly recommend this option for a few reasons. 1. The tour guides are so knowledgeable and give you a context for what you are seeing, and therefore an even greater appreciation of the architecture. 2. Skipping the line was amazing. 3. The tour of the River Seine, which we did directly following the Eiffel Tower was absolutely breathtaking. We did ours at 8:00pm, which allowed us to see more of Paris and at the end, when we were returning, to see the Eiffel Tower all lit up. According to our tour, we knew that it lights up every hour for 5 minutes, starting at 8:00pm and ending at 1:00am. Seeing it from the water was spectacular. The cruise is just one hour and they sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages on board.

Jarred C
5 | 2019-09-02

I recently purchased the double activity ticket and I am beyond glad that I purchased this activity. The tour guide was "Nara" and he made the tour informative, fun, and even comical since the weather was a bit wet. Pay attention to the initial meeting point to avoid issues, but the overall experience was an awesome purchase that my entire family enjoyed. Thanks again Nara for the experience!!! The Seine river cruise was a nice relaxing experience as well.

5 | 2019-08-12

So glad I booked this tour. It was well worth having a tour guide to follow and didn't have to wait 2 hours to buy tickets. The tour guide could have given better direction though on where to get on the River cruise.

Stuart C
5 | 2019-08-05

We were absolutely amazed at the spectacle that is the Eiffel Tower, the tour guide was amazing and very knowledgeable. The tour was one of the best we have done

Jennifer B
5 | 2019-07-08

The tour was.very good. Make sure you read your ticket: this tour does NOT meet at the Eiffel Tower but across the way. I read the ticket to my husband the night before he and his mom went to Paris for the day. Unfortunately ahem HE. DID NOT LISTEN and ended up dragging his 76 year old mother all over the place attempting to track down the tour. At no time did he resort to actually reading the ticket. Nonetheless he happened upon the tour and his mom caught up and they thoroughly enjoyed it! He said the tour guide was especially good. He and his mother loved the Seine cruise.

Christine S
5 | 2019-07-08

Even though it was 8:30 in the morning, there were enormous lines and we got to bypass them. Our tour guide was fantastic. She provided so much information about The Eiffel Tower and made it a game for us to see how much we knew. The Seine Cruise was the perfect add on which we enjoyed thoroughly. You can go anytime you want which made it even better!

Maurice V
5 | 2018-09-21

Great tour and very good guide

Galina S
5 | 2018-09-01

A must tour! The tour guy was amazing! View from Eiffel tower are so beautiful!!! Lots of fun!

Charlton V
5 | 2018-08-22

Me and my wife enjoyed the the Eiffel tower and the relaxing river cruise. Will recommend. Skip the line was great as we literally by passed like a hundred people to get to the second floor. Getting to the summit is not included and is a separate expense.

Thomas E
1 | 2018-08-07

Sat at the step of the designated museum from 1:00 until 2:00 for a 1:30 tour. Never saw or heard from the organizer. I am sure they were there but they did not make an effort to locate customers. We couldn’t have been more than 20 feet away. Snooze you lose. For $100 each I expect better.

Meghan B
5 | 2018-07-21

What a great experience! We searched for a few months on what Eiffel Tower tour to select and are very glad we ended up with this one. Our meeting point was a great opportunity to see the Tower from a different angle, our guide was knowledgeable and professional and the access our tickets got us was outstanding. We were here on our honeymoon and this was a lovely addition to a great trip.

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