Eiffeltornet, kryssning på Seine och show på Moulin Rouge
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Eiffeltornet, kryssning på Seine och show på Moulin Rouge
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Eiffeltornet, kryssning på Seine och show på Moulin Rouge

1 day
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Middag i Eiffeltornet:
Njut av en trerättersmiddag på den specialdesignade restaurangen 58 Tour Eiffel med luftskeppstema på första våningen i Eiffeltornet. Den eleganta restaurangen ligger 95 meter över havet och 58 meter över marknivå, med storslagna vyer över Seine och Trocadéro från de stora fönstren. Efter middagen kan du ta en timmes kvällskryssning på Seine och uppleva stadens monument upplysta på kvällen.

Middagskryssning på Seine:
Njut av en utsökt trerättersmiddag ombord på restaurangbåten Marina de Paris medan du glider fram på floden Seine. Under båtturen ser du de mest berömda platserna i Paris belysta. Missa inte Notre Dame, Louvren, Eiffeltornet och Paris vackra romantiska broar! Efter middagen kan du under en timme besöka Eiffeltornets andra våning för att njuta av den vackra utsikten över hela staden.

Middag på Les Ombres:
En trerättersmiddag på Les Ombres, all dryck ingår och ett glas champagne.

Moulin Rouge Paris

Därefter kan du bege dig till hjärtat av Paris nattliv i Montmartre och Moulin Rouge! Du får uppleva den nya Moulin Rouge-revyn ”Féerie” och njuta av själva essensen i den parisiska kabarén. En ensemble med 100 artister, bland annat 60 legendariska Doriss-flickor, underhåller iklädda exotiska dräkter med fjädrar, strass och paljetter. ”Féeries” storslagna scenografi och levande ljusshow ger en färgstark bakgrund för fantastiskt koreograferade framträdanden på rörliga trappor, i ett gigantisk akvarium, på gungor och i trädgårdsmiljö.
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  • Biljetter till föreställning på Moulin Rouge och en halv flaska champagne eller ett glas champagne (beroende på valt alternativ)
  • Trerättersmiddag antingen på La Marina de Paris eller i Eiffeltornets restaurang eller på Les Ombres
  • Besök i Eiffeltornet (endast med alternativet Middagskryssning på Seine)
  • En timmes flodkryssning på Seine
  • Återvänder till en plats nära hotellen i centrala Paris
  • Transport i buss med luftkonditionering
Ingår ej
  • Upphämtning från hotell
  • Dricks (valfritt)
  • Mat och dryck, om inget annat har angetts
  • Du får bekräftelse vid bokningstillfället
  • Om du väljer alternativet Middag i Eiffeltornet hinner du bara med att äta middag. Tid att utforska tornet ingår inte.
  • När det gäller alternativet middagskryssning på Seine ber vi dig observera att det vid sällsynta tillfällen inte går att besöka Eiffeltornet. Den här delen av besöket ersätts istället av Montparnassetornet som har fantastisk utsikt över Paris. Inga pengar tillbaka.
  • Du bokas provisoriskt in att se föreställningen på Moulin Rouge kl. 23.00 för båda alternativen. I vissa fall är tiden fullbokad och du får se föreställningen kl. 21.00 istället. I så fall får du en kupong antingen till en båttur på Seine eller ett besök till Eiffeltornet (beroende på vilket alternativ som väljs) en annan dag.
  • Alla gäster sitter vid bord om 6–8 personer. Det finns inga bord för två tillgängliga.
  • Tiden räcker inte till för att besökarna ska hinna åka ända upp i Eiffeltornet. Köerna kan ta lång tid, så ni rekommenderas därför att komma tillbaka en annan dag
  • Eftersom Moulin Rouge är så populärt kommer du troligen att få köa en stund innan du kommer in. Moulin Rouge ger inte prioriterat inträde för någon. Platserna anvisas en timme innan föreställningen börjar. Inga enskilda biljetter utfärdas till showen
  • Elegant klädsel erfordras (slips och kavaj behövs inte): inga shorts, kortbyxor, gymnastikskor eller sportkläder.
  • Det finns vegetariska alternativ. Meddela vid bokningstillfället.
  • Föreställningen på Moulin Rouge rekommenderas från 16 år
  • Audioguide finns bara på kryssningen på Seine. Det finns ingen audioguide i Eiffeltornet, på bussen eller på Moulin Rouge
Lindsay N
5 | 2019-07-29

We really enjoyed this, had a lovely meal at the Eiffel Tower, they catered for my gluten free requirements, we sat on top of the boat and enjoyed all the sights, and then a great evening in the Moulin Rouge,

Maureen J
4 | 2019-07-15

Really enjoyed this tour except for not having cold drinks on river cruise and having to ask for ice to try and cool our drinks down. Eiffel tower fabulous and Moulin Rouge show was great but was very disappointed that we were not told that shorts were not allowed to be worn by the man. All tour guides were fantastic.

laura p
5 | 2019-07-03

We went as a group of 3 women. I was nervous about booking this as I had seen a few negative reviews. However I'm so glad we did. We picked the dinner on the river cruise option. The food was excellent. We expected a standard set menu. However the food was wonderful quality and taste. We also had a choice, limited, but none the less a choice. We found the guides to be helpful and very pleasant throughout. We did not realise that you were dropped back to your hotel after. While this service is limited to the very centre of Paris (we were staying just outside) the guide was extremely helpful in taking us as far as they could and then ensuring that we were safely in a cab to our destination - especially important as a group of women travelling in an unknown city in the early hours of the morning! The guides do not stay with you the entire time, for example they took us to the lifts of the eiffel tower but did not come up with us. This gave us a freedom to do what we wanted. The guides were however always clear as to where any meeting points were and how to find them. We always felt totally safe and that we know what was happening. The only thing I would advise is that you give yourself plenty of time to get back down the eiffel tower as the que for the lift can take a while. We had a fantastic evening - thank you!

Jannah H
4 | 2019-07-03

Unexpected walking, long waits in line and felt rushed at times. But the guides were pleasant, dinner location was exceptional and the river cruise was relaxing. The Moulin Rouge show was excellent capstone event that should not be skipped.

5 | 2019-04-25

Great deal with plenty fitted into the day ,a good way to see a few of the site in Paris. Fantastic guide on the tour day and a fab 5 course meal on the Seine trip .

Kimberly F
2 | 2019-03-28

Let me start by saying: they will not answer their phone. As you’ll see in other reviews, this is an ongoing issue that they refuse to fix. I was scheduled for this $300 tour with a meeting time of 5:45pm at their headquarters. On the way to the meeting spot, my Uber was involved in a car accident. So at 5:00pm I started calling the number provided to let them know I would be late and to explore other meeting options. For 45 minutes I called them and they never picked up for the phone. At 5:50pm, I made it to their headquarters to see the staff standing and laughing in the back room. I explained who I was and asked why they hadn’t answered the phone. I lie to you not, the man looked at his watch and said “what difference would it have made if we answered the phone or not? We wouldn’t have waited for you, the time to leave was 5 minutes ago!” Composing myself from the shock, I explained that he could have told me where I could meet them at the Eiffel Tower instead of me taking an Uber here, now needing to take another Uber there! As I was mid-sentence talking to him, he began to shake his head and picked up the phone to call the tour guide. He told me she would meet me no later than 6:45pm (dinner started at 7:00pm) at Kiosk 58 inside the ground level of the Eiffel Tower and that my $300 tour was non-refundable. Instead of complaining with a manager, I just took my identification papers and left. When I finally made it to the Kiosk 58 at 6:33pm (after flying through traffic in my third Uber), I was informed by the Kiosk attendant that the tour guide had already left me. On top of her leaving before the said meeting time, she’d also taken my ticket and there was no way for me to get to the restaurant. As the lady in the Kiosk explained this to me, I asked her if she could call her as it’s not 6:45pm and she should she should still be here. She said, (and I quote) “I’m not calling her, but you can call the company to see where she is”. I informed her that I was in this mess because they DON’T answer the phone there and I would really appreciate if she helped me out. She reluctantly, called her on my behalf. As she was on the phone with the guide (assumingly) explaining that she’d taken my ticket and I was at the Kiosk waiting on her, she looked up to tell me she would come down to get me. Before she could hang up the phone, I said excuse me and interjected to ask her to ask the guide how long before she made it back down (I wanted to take a few pictures)? Before I could finish my sentence, I lie to you not, she closed the sliding glass window in my face. I couldn’t and still can’t believe it. When she finished on the phone, she opened the glass window and looked at me and “how can I help you, I told you she was going to come down and get you”. If the tour was refundable, I would have walked off and just got my $300 back. I told her that I wanted her to ask the guide when she was coming down so I can go take pictures since I would be waiting. I asked her if she could call her back to see how long he would be. She said, “I just called my colleague once for you, I’m not calling her back.” If we were in America y’all.... I said to her, again, I want to take pictures, will you please call her back. She blatantly refused and told me that she would NOT point me out to the guide if I walked away. We went back and forth a little bit, but I retreated because I became frustrated and I didn’t want to get kicked out, lose my $300, not make it to dinner, and/or go to jail in France. I calmly walked away and waited about 10 minutes for a colleague of the guide to come down. Of course she nor my actual guide knew the name of the lady in the Kiosk or the man at the office. Dinner had already started by the time I arrived, but the restaurant staff was really accommodating and kind. I give two stars because the rest of the evening went well: the boat tour was beautiful and Moulin Rouge was magnificent.

5 | 2018-11-13

This was an amazing experience! Highly recommend. Seamless, well organized. Loved being dropped off at our hotel after a long evening.

4 | 2018-08-08

Officials for these events were very well organized. They were assertive yet caring. The only glitches were waiting times that were beyond their control. Recommend!!

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