Biljett med snabbinträde till Galleria dell'Accademia och Michelangelos David
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Biljett med snabbinträde till Galleria dell'Accademia och Michelangelos David
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Biljett med snabbinträde till Galleria dell'Accademia och Michelangelos David

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Galleria dell'Accademia grundades 1784 på dekret av storhertigen Leopoldo av Lorena och skapades för att inrymma en samling antika och moderna målningar och skulpturer så att studenterna på det närliggande Accademia di Belle Arti kunde bedriva sina studier mot bakgrund av dessa fantastiska mästerverk. Galleria dell'Accademia ligger i delar av det före detta klostret San Niccolò in Cafaggio och klosterhärbärget San Matteo.

Besöket på Galleria dell'Accademia börjar med Sala dell'Anticolosso, där originalet av Sabinskornas bortrövande (1582) av Giambologna står. Här kan du bland annat se målningar som Pietà av Andrea del Sarto och Nedtagningen från korset av Filippo Lippi. Härifrån når du Galleria dei Prigioni, en korridor med en serie ofullbordade skulpturer av Michelangelo.

I slutet av galleriets dominerar den storslagna David av Michelangelo.

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  • Upphämtning från hotell
  • Transport till och från attraktioner
  • Du får bekräftelse på bokningen inom 48 timmar, i mån av tillgänglighet
  • Viktig anmärkning: du kommer att tilldelas en exakt tidpunkt för entré som du måste följa för att göra ett besök. Tiden kan vara när som helst under öppettiden (08.15–17.30 samt extraordinära nattöppettider) och anges på kupongen som utfärdats av leverantören inom en arbetsdag från din bokningsförfrågan
  • Du måste skriva ut och visa bekräftelsekupongen för Weekend in Italy för att kunna lösa ut biljetterna vid besöket.
  • Serviceavgifter (före försäljning och onlinebokningsavgifter) samt avgifter för tillfälliga utställningar under ditt besök tillkommer för alla typer av biljetter
  • När du hämtar en biljett som är kostnadsfri eller har reducerat pris ombes du visa en identitetshandling som styrker din rätt till rabatten. Personer utan ID-handling kommer att nekas inträde
  • Observera att du inte är garanterad en annan besökstid om du efterfrågar det (om du till exempel anger 15.00 kan du få 09.00). På grund av hög efterfrågan kan endast den närmast tillgängliga tiden på önskat datum garanteras
Travis T
3 | 2019-07-18

There are about three lines outside the Accademia to get in and there isn't much direction on which line you should be in. I think the blue line is the correct line. You have stand in a long line across the street with your mobile ticket to get paper tickets, but pay attention to the time that is stamped on your tickets. I requested 09:30 entrance and didn't notice until I was in the second line to get in that the time they gave me was 16:30. I went back to the ticket office and he had me pull up my original pass and pointed out that I did not get the time I originally requested, so pay attention to the email they send you after you request your time slot!!! The ticket counter guy put a red line through our time and said I was good to go. Apparently that was some kind of signal to the guys letting people in because they let us in at around 10:15 when we finally made it through the second line. This doesn't really seem like much of a "skip-the-line' to me after, but it may have saved us a little time...who knows?

5 | 2019-07-05

The tickets can be easily redeem at the ticket office on the other side of the road. Then just go to the "red line" and line up from there. I highly recommend you to buy in advance. Otherwise, you will have to stuck in line for hours of waiting. I've been seeing pictures and videos of David for years and finally have a chance to go to Florence and see it with my eyes. I was quite amused and this was totally worth it. Be aware of people putting some invaluable pictures on the road in front of the Accademia entrance and trying to ask you for money if you do accidentally walk over or (just) beside those pictures. I walk beside those pictures and that guy tried to ask me for the money. You can just walk like usual and ignore them. They will then walk back for other easy targets. While I was in line for the entrance, I did saw an employee (he was at least 60 years old) from Accademia walked over the pictures while walking out of the entrance and fell onto the stone road while trying to avoid those pictures (Lucky, he was ok). I also see kids walked over those pictures and they didn't asked for any money. If you are waiting in line, you will see them doing it over and over again to travelers. Be prepare and be aware!

4 | 2019-07-03

Pretty amazing seeing David up close. As promised, unbelievable long lines and we skipped all that. We had to go one place to trade our victor pass in but then we’re sent to an entrance where we went right in.

1 | 2019-07-03

By from the official site. Viator confirmed a 9:30 and final tickets came for 18:45. I had to fly in the afternoon so this turned out in the worst customer service experience ever. Instead of trying to assist when I informed them what the problem was they insisted that i should read the fine letters in the policy that was coming online during the initial booking.... i feel completely cheated... if you want to talk to machines there is no reason to do it from this site... do it from the official ticket site.

Steven G
5 | 2019-07-03

This skip-the-line ticket option is certainly the way to go! We arrived about 30 minutes prior to our museum entry time per the Viator voucher, exchanged our voucher for our tickets and were whisked right in to see Michelangelo's David and other gallery attractions.

Rosalind M H
5 | 2018-09-23

Eritza was our tour guide and she was terrific. A local Florentine, she brought humor and reliability to her guiding. This tour is completely worth it for two reasons:1 its a wonderful overview tour so you can figure out where you want to explore on your own in Florence, and 2 skipping the line at the Academia to see the Statue of David was totally worth it, plus you learn things about the statue you would not know if you saw it on your own. I highly recommend this tour.

Anita F
4 | 2018-09-15

A must see if only for David. Skip the line did help at this time.

Linet M
5 | 2018-07-29

great to use skip the line. David was amazing. worth it.

5 | 2018-07-11

You have to go to the Accademia Gallery if in Florence to see the David. The skip the line allowed you to get right in and not deal with the very long lines. Once inside it was a self guided tour which was perfect for us although they do have an audio tour you can purchase. Michelangelo's David is amazing!

5 | 2018-07-03

We would definitely recommend skip-the-line! It was nice to be able to walk in instead of waiting in the long lines. Once inside, it was breathtaking! It was an incredible experience to see the statue of David. It was beyond belief.

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