Heldagstur till Montenegro från Dubrovnik
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Heldagstur till Montenegro från Dubrovnik
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Heldagstur till Montenegro från Dubrovnik

1 day
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Om den här aktiviteten
Du blir upphämtad från ditt hotell i Dubrovnik och får uppleva en spännande dag i Montenegro! Koppla av i en bekväm minibuss och se utsikten över den gamla staden i Dubrovnik, som finns med på UNESCO:s världsarvslista, när du lämnar den kroatiska staden bakom dig och fortsätter genom vackra Župa Dubrovacka-dalen och Konavle-regionen.
Sedan åker ni över gränsen till Montenegro och ser ut över den pittoreska Montenegro-kusten, med havets fantastiska blå nyanser. Kör längs Kotorbukten. Resan fortsätter med ett besök i Perast, en till vacker liten stad, som ligger vid foten av St. Ilija. Här kan du gå ombord på en lokal båt (på egen bekostnad) och åka till ön Our Lady of the Rocks för ett besök i 1600-talskyrkan i barockstil.
Ni fortsätter till Kotor med minibuss och tar en sightseeingtur till fots i staden, som är en av de mest välbevarade medeltida städerna vid Adriatiska havets kust, där ni upptäcker områdets viktiga tradition av segling. Ni besöker St Tryphon-katedralen med guiden och har sedan tid att utforska staden på egen hand.
Sedan är det dags att hoppa på den bekväma minibussen igen och koppla av på resan till den lilla ön och semesterorten Sveti Stefan. Där får du njuta av den vackra utsikten över Adriatiska havet och lära dig om platsens intressanta historia av guiden. När resan fortsätter mot kuststaden Budva har du en fantastisk utsikt över Montenegros kust. Här kan du ta en sightseeingtur i staden, strosa runt i den gamla staden i Budva på egen hand, koppla av på en ljuvlig sandstrand och äta lunch på en lokal restaurang (på egen bekostnad).
I slutet av rundturen tar du en kort färjetur över Kotorbukten och får njuta av en vacker resa längs Montenegros kustvägar tillbaka till ditt hotell i Dubrovnik.
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  • Båttur till Our Lady of the Rocks (ca 5 €)
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5 | 2019-10-01

This tour to Montenegro was one of the best we had during our visit to Croatia. It included Perast, Kotor and Budva. A rainy morning lead us to Lady of the rocks. Except 10 persons and the guide, the rest stayed on Perast waiting for us. Surprisingly this experience was amazing, unforeseen. We got soaked but we saw the island in a way I didn't expected. Do not miss the opportunity to go, unless the boats are not working. Kotor has the charm of those europeans old towns but we couldn't' hike to the Castle Of San Giovanni due to the weather. After a while started to clear up but there was not enough time to do it by then. Budva was extremely beautiful. The whole trip worth the long drive and the time on the borders (not that much when we came back). Nina was a super, great, amazing guide and the driver show experience on the road. We share good moments. We really love this trip, besides the wet start.

5 | 2019-09-27

we enjoyed our tour with Lidia. She kept us well informed of the places we visited. . we highly recommend her for a job well done.

Kathy K
3 | 2019-09-27

You pick everyone up at various locations so I was the second person to be picked up and we did not get on our way to Montenegro for 2 more hours, so just sat on bus as we picked other people up. There should 1 or 2 central pick up points only. There is not enough time in Kotor or Budva. You should just go to one of them not both. I was unable to really see Kotor as I wanted to climb the hill for the view - which I ran up and got up and down in one hour but then didn't have time to see the town or eat. Budva - you had 1 hour 45 minutes and they recommend eating here, well the restaurant they recommended took 1 hour 30 minutes so only had 15 minutes to see the town. Would do a small group or private tour. Or recommend they just do one city not both

Manola P
4 | 2019-09-27

Interesting day out in Montenegro. Our guide was very informative about the history of this region. Long day but worth the experience.

Matea S
5 | 2019-09-23

It was a very wonderful experience that included hotel pick up and drop off which was very convenient for us.

James H
4 | 2019-09-19

The day started off with a minor blip as I got a call asking where we were at 7:35am. I received an email the day before with the meeting point and the booking said 8am. I confirmed the meeting point and asked them to confirm 8am as the pickup time, I didn't receive a reply so presumed it would still be 8am. Luckily we were ready and only two minutes walk from the meeting point. Crossing the border was quick, the driver told the tour guide he was going to an alternative border crossing as the main one would be busy with coaches. Getting in/out of Montenegro took 10 minutes. We had two hours in Budva which was ample time to explore the Old Town and go for lunch. We also had two hours in Kotor of which one hour was a guided tour. Personally I would have liked an extra hour in Kotor, after the tour we had a drink then headed up to the Church for some photos of the bay. The views were more than worth it but we were clock watching for the second hour. Finally the last stop was Perast which we had just over an hour to head on a boat to the Our Lady on the Rocks. This was plenty of time as the boat took 10 mins each way and there isn't much on the island. Overall, a long and tiring day but very enjoyable with some gorgeous views to photograph.

5 | 2019-09-16

The tour in general terms was interesting and well organised. We had enough free time to spend during our stops, discovering the cities. What I didn't like was the fact we had to pay extra to participate for the tour of last visit with boat, while we had no other chance to spend our time till the time of the departure, as we were left at an isolated point to wait in the bus or out to a coffee shop

Elaine S
4 | 2019-09-16

To Lady of the Rocks via short boat trip. Kotor Old Town, classic old town, lots of cats and a cat museum. Be sure to have the traditional cake there. Budra small sbd manageable old town, very nice. Good beach and boat area. Our time through the border gates ss less than an hour each way, so we arrived in Dubrovnik early evening, enough time to have a leisurely dinner.

Nancy L
4 | 2019-09-13

Montenegro is beautiful and definitely worth a visit. Just be prepared that most of the time is spent on the bus. There was a lot of flexibility at each stop. Having the local guide was very helpful. It would be good to include the cost of going to the island in overall price. No surprises.

Denis L
4 | 2019-09-12

this was over all very good.. the boarder crossing leaves a lot to be desired way too long wasted over 2 hours for the day. some time on our own could be shortened a bit. the lunch place that was advised was GREAT!!

1 | 2019-09-10

This trip was nothing but disappointment, aside from the fact that we had to make our own fun. We were only transferred to Bosnia, on a very long and quiet car ride. He then dropped us off without a map and told us to just follow the direction of a small group of 4 people toward the center of the town. He was not familiar with the area so he did not provide any city information, map, things to do, tips or suggestions, or any information. My worst experience with Viator yet...

4 | 2019-08-27

The tour guide was very well organized and friendly. It was a really fun trip and the best way to see the beautiful country of Montenegro. It was however a very long day because our pick up was very early at 6:40 am (we were staying in old town). We did not arrive back to Croatia until 9pm due to heavy traffic and backup at boarder customs. The bus driver and guide did make sure we were comfortable and stopped for bathroom breaks and snacks.

Christine B
5 | 2019-08-26

We had a brilliant day trip to Montenegro. Robert was our guide and driver. We were a small group of 8 in a nice minivan/SUV. Separate from the coach load which was great. Robert was excellent - very informative and fun. Looked after us really well. Kotor was hot but great to see. All in all a great day trip!

4 | 2019-08-26

Lovely but long day out. However prepare yourself for an hour crossing the border in to Montenegro and far longer coming back. Our guide, Lidija, did a great job though. Tip: don’t Google the hell out of the trip before you go. Just book it and forget all about it.

Samantha N
3 | 2019-08-26

A very long day (16 1/2hrs) Lovely drive through the Bay of Kotor and amazing views. Overall it was a must do in Dubrovnik as you get to drive the Bay, however a few things to bare in mind... Positives: Our tour guide and driver was great with local knowledge. Was very open with us about the time it will take for border crossings. Negatives: Guide failed to inform us that if we didnt go to Lady of the Rocks we would be stuck on the bus on the side of road for 40mins - so didnt see Perast at all!! Our tour description said we go to Perast and boat tour was optional. The tour we booked stated we would see Sveti Stefan - never went there at all So our 4 places we were meant to see (Perast, Kotor, Budva and Sveti Stefan) we only seen 2 which was very disappointing.

Edward C
2 | 2019-08-23

This was a long and inconsiderately run tour from start to finish. The only thing that went smoothly was the booking, pick up and delivery home. The tour leader was most uncommitted, during the one hour pick up we were not spoken to except to ask for our passports. Only after everyone was onboard were we spoken to at all. As it was the whole tour was full of misrepresentations. For example, the so called trip to the island in the bay of Kotor was listed as optional but if you didn't go you were told you could wait in the bus. The tour itself was without leadership and the time we were given on the island was insufficient to allow for a visit into the church because visits were organised by language groups and there was not enough time to wait for the English speaking tour. This was a junket for the boat owner who took us to and from the island. Another example, we were told that we had 2 hours at Kotor but we were not told that this included 30 minutes walk to and from the bus and a guided tour of some of he city with a person who could not be heard over the voices of the myriad of other tour leaders. What should have been a great visit was spoiled. Yet another example was we arrived at Budva, with an ancient Fort and we were pushed off the bus and told be back at 5pm. Budva was a mix between sideshow alley and Coney Island eminently forgettable. The main attraction as far as our guide was concerned was for people to have a swim. At no stage were we offered any water and to get the tour leader to find a toilet stop was an effort. It appeared that the bus driver was the one who called the shots and all he was concerned with was getting through to extraordinarily long border crossing between Croatia and Montenegro which all up added nearly four excruciating hours to this mediocre trip. Save your money and find another trip

Renee E
5 | 2019-08-16

Initially some confusion about which tour package we were receiving as well as where to meet, but once that was resolved, this experience was exceptional! Our guide, Vladimir, is a master as a tour guide, providing a lot of information. He was very genuine and friendly throughout the day (even though it was 104 degrees F). We would highly recommend this tour, especially with Vladimir as a guide.

Peter R
1 | 2019-08-12

Montenegro is very beautiful and our lady on the rock is beautiful but it would have been nice to have had time to see inside!!! The boat advertised as 5 euro was 9 euro. Booked a small trip in English got a large trip in English and Spanish. Kotor was spectacular. Don’t know why we went to the beach for the last town were we where taken to a specific restaurant with not much else but loud music for beach bars! 15 hours of which only 3 were useful!!!! nNot picked up at our hotel and then no transport to get back at designated stop. Had to stay on the coach and then listen to the guide and the driver argue about time!!! Very very very disappointed ☹️

Thomas M
3 | 2019-08-08

Going through the border on the tour bus involved very long waits that can't be helped, but seemed so ridiculous. Unfortunately the day we went was about 32 degrees so our walking tour of Kotor was very hot as everyone was trying to find shade. The tour guide, bus and information were all very good and it was interesting to see the difference between Croatia and Montenegro.

Kevin N
5 | 2019-08-07

Went to beautiful Kotor and Budva. Had wonderful guides, full of knowledge and gave us loads of info throughout the tour. Kotor has the most beautiful walled city and is worth the visit alone, Budva is more of a party town, has plenty of seaside restaurants and bars. Also, visited Our Lady of the rocks Island which is utterly stunning. We had a great day and well worth the trip!

Catherine G
5 | 2019-08-05

If you are planning to go to Croatia and have a day to spare, this day trip to Montenegro is worth every cent you spend. Well planned trip, convenient and cozy ride, and a great tour guide! Me and my friends enjoyed our trip to Montenegro and was very Happy about it. Thank you so much!

Garima C
4 | 2019-08-05

The day trip to Montenegro was a great experience! The group left on time. We had to issues with crossing the boarder, only took 30 min each way. We stopped in the morning for a bathroom and coffee break, then at Our Lady of the Rocks, at Kotor, at Budva, and lastly took a 5 min ferry to cut down on the driving time on the way home. To get to the island of Our Lady of the Rocks costs 9 euros and to enter the church is another 5 euros. We just did the island and it has a great view from there. Kotor was my favourite part, but be prepared to walk around. I'm sad we only had 1.5 hours here, I could have spent the whole day in Kotor. Budva was really small and mostly a party city so there's not much to do there during the day. Overall a great time, just a really long day, good thing is you can sleep on the bus!

David G
3 | 2019-08-02

Picked up from the hotel lapad on time, which is always a bonus, both guide and driver were very friendly, and guide was very knowledgeable, unfortunately we had a long wait for the boat ride, and had to wait in very hot conditions with little shade, The towns of Kotor and Budva are both beautiful and well worth a visit, would have liked a little longer in kotor but still an enjoyable day, I would have given 5 stars were it not for the waiting around and the fact that the vehicles air conditioning was pretty poor, the vehicle is also a little cramped for the distance.

Beatrice M
5 | 2019-07-29

Very nice, informative, busy trip. We were in a bit of rush but there's nothing to do about it as it was a day trip. We left aroudn 7am and came back around 9pm. Guide was good, she gave all the details. Really worth to go.

2 | 2019-07-22

Prepare yourself for a 13-14 hour day, not the 10-11 mentioned. Our tour bus was over 30 minutes late picking the group up at the meeting spot. All of the stops were great and exactly as advertised but it seemed super rushed, they almost need to take off one of the stops. We were starving by the time we got back into the city around 9:30. I didn't feel like this tour company was the best out there, the other tour we did with a different group was much more organized with a slightly smaller group.

Katherine B
5 | 2019-07-03

Great day trip. Every nice guide, spoke English very well. Didn't like that the tour was done in multiple languages though.

Laura S
5 | 2019-07-03

Awesome trip to Montenegro, highlight was our tour guide and for the life of me I cant remember his name, took us on a small group of 8 tour in a MiniBus, awesome trip, very informative and gave us a brilliant run down on the area etc. He was definitely the highlight

5 | 2019-07-03

It was a great day! Montenegro is absolutely beautiful. The tour guides were super nice- no complaints. We spent a lot of time in the actual bus but the drive was so incredibly scenic and lovely. Happy I got to experience!

Wendy A
5 | 2019-07-03

Montenegro is beautiful and the trip was pleasant and well organized. Our guide rearranged the tour to keep us from getting caught in the traffic of a special event. Lived the cities we visited.

5 | 2019-07-03

I enjoyed more Croatia but if you have one day to spare this visit is recommended. The bus was good the guide was knowledgeable, time to visit each location is enough.

Edson J
5 | 2019-04-26

Very friendly staffs. We had a nice time, from pick up till drop off. My wife loved Lidia, she the best guide ever!

Laura T
4 | 2019-04-17

Great tour with informative guide. Go on the boat trip to the island. Highly recommended for anyone visiting Dubrovnik

Kevin W
4 | 2019-04-15

Firstly, let me start by saying that the places you are taken to and the price of this trip are fantastic. Montenegro is absolutely beautiful. Kotor especially with its friendly guided tour. However, the trip could definitely be improved. Firstly, we were picked up 20mins from our apartment despite there being a pickup at a hotel about 5mins from where we were staying. Secondly, the guide was not particularly friendly. She seemed annoyed that my friend and I had opted not to take part in an optional part of the tour - rolling her eyes at me when I said that we had went for coffee instead. The guide in Kotor was great and very informative. We were told when we went to Budva that our guide who had picked us up would be giving the tour there. This amounted to her showing us a restaurant that she would be at and then left us for three hours to do our own thing. Not exactly as advertised earlier... Driver was great and very friendly. On arrival back to Dubrovnik she again was cold and didn't say anything when we left the tour. Overall, the tour is great and I'd recommend, but I hope you don't get a guide like that as it really can spoil it.

5 | 2018-10-10

Amazing and very talented fluently speaking English and Spanish tour guide! bravo for such a wonderful personality on your board - very knowledgeable, interested, funny and well organised! The trip was perfect for me as I could transfer from Croatia to Montenegro with a nice company of people and to share nice moments and time! the only minus was - a bit too long await time on the Croatan border 2hrs. But in general, I was glad to make this tour with Viator!

5 | 2018-10-09

We had an awesome time on this trip. Make sure you take Euro's so you can eat and shop. Of the 3 cities, Kotor had the better shopping and sight seeing. Our guide Mini was absolutely fabulous!

Thomas C
1 | 2018-10-01

Trip was supposed to be from 7:00 am to 7;00 pm. We did not get underway until almost 8:00 am and got back at 8:30 pm, the whole time on a barely air conditioned bus with the temps in the high 80's. Guides were fine but would rather have stayed in Dubrovnik which as a walled cith was more impressive than Kotor.

3 | 2018-09-20

The day before our tour, we received an email saying our pick up time was 7:15am. That morning we had breakfast in a hurry and waited in front of Grand Villa Argentina hotel as we were told, but our bus arrived at 7:38 and still there were more people to pick up.Once the lasts tour goers were picked up in Cavtat, we headed to the border where we had to wait about an hour fifteen minutes to cross it. Once in Montenegro we stop at a shopping mall, enough time to go to the bathroom and have some coffee.The bus went all around Kotor Bay and our first stop was before the city of Perast; the people that wanted to join the optional to Our Lady of the Rock, went to the island; those that wanted to visit Perast, they have to walk about 15 minutes or more to the town and back to the bus. There is no visit to Perast even if it is marked, unless you don't take the boat.After that we went to Kotor were we had a nice walk tour with a local guide and some extra time to enjoy that beautiful old town (no much time to eat and walk, one of the another)From Kotor we went to Budva, stopping at a parking lot and then our guide took us a few blocks toward the beach to show us some places to eat, and then we were in our own with a lot of free time in a place were the old town is tiny, and all you can do is seating somewhere to have a quick lunch.On the way back we crossed Kotor Bay by ferry, once again waiting at the border (about 40 minutes), and everybody was taken to the pick up point.Our tour guide was Doris, I can't remember the driver's name.This tour would be perfect if instead of wasting time in Buvda, the visit to Kotor gets longer, and there is an actual stop in Perast. Kotor is a must see, and I'm sure Perast is too, but we didn't get there, just the island on our own expenses.

maria m
5 | 2018-09-10

The tour is very well organize and the guide Nina) was incredible. She has a lot of knowledge of every point we visited and was always ready to fill us with tons if information... while making the experience enjoyable. I strongly recommend this tour to anybody visiting Dubrovnik. Thank you Nina!!!

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