Traditionell irländsk musik och krogbesök i Dublin
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Traditionell irländsk musik och krogbesök i Dublin
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Traditionell irländsk musik och krogbesök i Dublin

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Om den här aktiviteten

Den irländska puben är en social mittpunkt i den irländska kulturen, och är en av Irlands populäraste attraktioner. De flesta av världens städer har åtminstone en representation av den keltiska dryckeskulturen, men den ursprungliga irländska puben fortsätter att vara unik. Under den här underhållande pubrundan med musik får du besöka autentiska inrättningar i hjärtat av Dublin.

Temple Bar myllrar av aktivitet. Här har konstnärer, designer och unga entreprenörer etablerat små konstgallerier, kaféer, teatrar och färgstarka butiker. Du kan gå fritt på gågatorna genom de smala kullerstensgränderna som löper nära Liffeys flodbank.

I den traditionella irländska pubrundan med musik i Dublin ingår minst två av följande berömda irländska pubar:

  • Oliver St. John Gogarty's
  • The Ha'penny Bridge Inn
  • Isoldes Tower
  • The Chancery
  • The Legal Eagle
  • The Palace Bar
Alla pubar ligger nära varandra. Vi rekommenderar bekväma promenadskor. Rökning är förbjuden på alla pubar i Irland.
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  • Privat bokning och sittplats på alla bokade barer
  • Sällskap av två professionella och begåvade musiker
  • Omfattande guidning om sångernas ursprung och betydelse erbjuds
  • Middag (om alternativet har valts)
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  • Dricks (valfritt)
  • Mat och dryck, om inget annat anges.
  • Upphämtning och avlämning på hotellet
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Denise B
5 | 2019-09-30

We had the best time in the pub crawl! Great history, music and fun! I would do this again! I would definitely recommend this!

Mary M
1 | 2019-09-27

First of all, let me say that I thought the 2 musicians were very talented BUT my understanding was that as a pub crawl, we would be going to 3 different pubs to listen to the traditional irish music being played at that pub.. Not that the 2 musicians would be the same but just at a different location.. Felt like I was being led by a pied piper to 3 different places ... would have been easier just to listen to them at one location. Was not impressed at all with this event.

Rachel J
5 | 2019-09-23

My friends and I had a blast at this pub crawl! The musicians were a wealth of knowledge, funny, and talented artists. We loved hearing about local musical history and tradition, great beer and great pubs, fun music - can't get a better deal than this tour!

5 | 2019-09-17

We thoroughly enjoyed our Musical Pub Crawl the last night in Ireland. Our musicians were witty and very talented especially the female and I am so mad that I can't remember her name. She is very talented and knowledgeable. The only thing that was a discrepancy was that we were told 3 pubs, not counting where we began, but that one was counted as one. But I still recommend this fun activity.

5 | 2019-09-16

What a fun evening with Mags and Dara and Nicole - the music was INCREDIBLE and the Irish step dancing was phenomenal!!!! Great way to start a trip in Dublin.

Kathy a. C
5 | 2019-09-16

Best night out in Dublin. Wonderful music. Authentic Irish pubs. Would do again and again! A highlight of our Dublin experience.

Nancy L
5 | 2019-08-26

During our first trip to Ireland, we had a fun evening with these guys. We met at one pub, were given some background, then headed off to another. Private room for the tour, prompt bar service, good music. Only downside was during the long walk to the third pub, the leaders walked pretty fast for some to keep up. However overall it was a great evening and worth the price of admission.

Cynthia L
4 | 2019-08-23

Really enjoyed the music but would have enjoyed it more if it was just at 1 venue. It was not what I would consider a pub crawl going to 2 pubs it was more trouble trying to get seating and watching the musicians. But definitely enjoyed the musicians.

5 | 2019-08-19

Met at pub and met our 2 hosts, very talented Irish musicians. Visited 3 pubs, enjoyed music and stories. Even entertained by a river type dancer. Our second time on this tour. A great evening.

Valeria V
5 | 2019-08-14

A wonderful night full of history, music and yummy Guinness! We found the meet up bar and checked ourselves in. Once everyone was there we had a short walk to the first pub. We all grabbed our drink of choice and we sat to enjoy the wonderful music and tidbits of Irish history, the instruments being played and some background on the songs that were sang. We then walked a bit further to our second location and again, a wonderful experience. I couldn't recommend this tour more to any and everyone who enjoys Irish music and booze! :)

Dorothy M
5 | 2019-08-12

The musicians taught the group about the instruments and the music prior to playing for us. They encouraged the group to sing along and used enough repetition that we could do this. The pubs were varied and the food at the last where we had a private room and dinner was excellent. Our bonus was a dance student who is ranked 14th in the world for Irish dancing. She performed twice -- FABULOUSLY TALENTED. A fun evening!

Perry G
5 | 2019-08-12

Guides were personable, informative and talented. It was a fun time. Opportunity to ask questions and to share your song. We recommend this to our friends.

Carol P
5 | 2019-08-07

We were apprehensive when we arrived at the meeting site and found such a large noisy crowd. but as we followed the musicians to the next place, we had the upstairs to just our group and the music was fun and the information interesting. Our musicians played guitar, flute, pennywhistle, and drum. They also explained Uilian pipes and Irish harp. We did some sing along and at the end some of the audience displayed some impressive talent.

Shelly N
5 | 2019-07-31

The Dublin Musical Pub Crawl was so much fun we did it twice while in Dublin. The music and food were both excellent! The musicians were informative, interesting, and full of humor. Highly recommended!

Colleen N
3 | 2019-07-29

This tour was overpriced. The music was good, but we only went to 2 pubs. You can go into any bar in the Temple Bar area and listen to traditional music for free. There were no discounts on drinks at the pubs we went to , so there was no incentive to do this instead of just pub crawling and listening to traditional music on our own. Save the $35.

Laura A
5 | 2019-07-03

Each tour has different musicians! Group size is around 18 but they take you to a private room just for the tour.Thet give you some Irish history along with an acoustic set, among with a couple other surprises. It was so much fun! They gave great tips where to go after! It was a little difficult finding the meet spot, so give yourself time to fight the crowd. Would definitely do it again!!!!

Kerri S
5 | 2019-07-03

The guys who did our pub crawl were talented musicians and full of knowledge and anecdotes about traditional Irish music. We had a great time!

Susan M
3 | 2019-07-03

Music was good and found out a lot about Irish music. I found it different that the musicians travelled with us and played at the different pubs, why walk around to listen to the same musicians. Too much talking, more music.

Yolanda S
5 | 2019-07-03

Went with my kids and had the best time. The Musicians were great, they played great music, got everyone to Sing and talk about t he history of music. Love it!

Penny T
5 | 2019-07-03

A bit confusing as to who to register with when we got to the bar. Luckily we asked because there was no sign, announcement or anything like that. It was smooth sailing after that and we had an absolutely wonderful time. Highly recommend!

Aileen M
5 | 2019-02-21

We had so much fun. The music was great, the beer was yummy and the walk was nice. The guys were so fun and more then happy to share their fun stories along the walk to the next pub.

Heather E
5 | 2018-10-30

What a fun evening, great music and very entertaining musicians. Also learnt a bit of history and would thoroughly recommend this night out.

5 | 2018-10-11

I attended this event with 5 other people and we all enjoyed it do much! The entertainment was fabulous. We had the best time and are so happy we attended

5 | 2018-10-05

It was a fun and easy crawl. Stephen and Eamon were great musicians, storytellers and comedians. Great experience.

Diane S
5 | 2018-09-25

Celebrated my birthday with this pub crawl! The musicians and dancer were amazing- and the crowd had a blast - we had so much fun and met so many wonderful people. Also the dinner at Flannigan's was very tasty. Kudos to the musicians who taught us so much about all the unusual instruments and Irish music. Fun time!

Thomas N
5 | 2018-09-10

I really enjoyed my tour here, especially because of my love for Thin Lizzy! Great job by tour guide Anastasia :)

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