Heldagstur till Machu Picchu från Cusco
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Heldagstur till Machu Picchu från Cusco
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Heldagstur till Machu Picchu från Cusco

1 day
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Om den här aktiviteten
Machu Picchu byggdes klart omkring år 1450 då Inkariket var som störst, och övergavs mindre än 100 år senare efter att Spanien erövrat Peru. Idag anses det av många vara världens nya andliga centrum.

Från Cusco åker du med transfer till tågstationen för att njuta av den 1,5 timmar långa tågturen till Aguas Calientes. Du kan välja mellan tre olika alternativ som passar olika kundbehov.

Alternativet Expedition har tagits fram för äventyrliga passagerare som vill ha en bekväm och trygg resa utan krusiduller. Tåget avgår från Ollantaytambo tågstation, som ligger omkring 1,5 timmar från Cusco och där börjar din resa till Machu Picchu! Sätena är klädda med inhemska textilier som ger en lokal atmosfär. Det finns tilltugg att köpa, samt extra förvaring för ryggsäckar.

Alternativet Vistadome är ett bekvämt sätt att resa till Machu Picchu. Tåget avgår från Ollantaytambo tågstation, som ligger omkring 1,5 timmar från Cusco. Titta ut genom panoramafönstren och njut av det vackra landskapet och få fantastiska tillfällen för fotografering. Utsökta tilltugg samt varma och kalla förfriskningar serveras på vägen (på egen bekostnad).
Alternativet Executive-klass avgår från Ollantaytambo tågstation, som ligger omkring 1,5 timmar från Cusco, och du reser bekvämt till Machu Picchu. Du får se vackra panoramavyer från tåget, där du sitter bekvämt på ett stoppat säte med ett smidigt utfällbart bord. Tilltugg och drycker serveras ombord på tåget (på egen bekostnad).

När du kommer till stationen i Aguas Calientes kliver du ombord på en liten buss och åker upp till ruinerna av den "heliga staden", Machu Picchu. Den kunniga guiden visar huvudgatorna i de fantastiska ruinerna. Strosa över torg och gå uppför fint uthuggna stentrappor. Machu Picchu anses ibland vara världens nya andliga centrum. Du får tid till att vara ensam och verkligen ta in det här underverket, och låta den unika upplevelsen sjunka in.

På eftermiddagen åker du tillbaka till tågstationen i Aguas Calientes för återresan till Cusco.
VIKTIGT! Dina passuppgifter krävs för heldagsturen till Machu Picchu (fullständigt namn och pass-ID). Ange dina passuppgifter i rutan för ytterligare information, annars bekräftas inte rundturen.
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  • Upphämtning och avlämning på hotellet. Obs! Vissa hotell ligger i områden där fordonstrafik inte är tillåten. Du behöver då skicka information om hotellet för att upphämtning och avlämning ska kunna ordnas på en närliggande plats.
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  • Obs! Transporttiden på tåget varierar beroende på vilken station du reser från. Bekräfta före ditt resedatum för exakt avgångstid och restid
  • Obs! Ändringar av resedatum godkänns mer än 16 dagar före schemalagt datum för rundturen
  • Obs! Den guidade rundturen varar i cirka 2,5 timmar. Efter det kan du utforska Machu Picchu på egen hand. Avgångstiden beror på vilket tågalternativ som bokats
Tracy W
2 | 2019-09-23

Our tour of Machu PIcchu was lovely and I would recommend it to everyone however I would not recommend using VIAJES PACIFICO for your tour. There were several different guides throughout this tour and the guide we had for the portion of our tour which involved, from bus-to-train and from train-to-bus, really upset our experience. I can not give this guide's name because he did not give it to us, but he was very unorganized, uninformative and dismissive when we asked him for guidance. The bus-to-train and train-to -bus portion of this trip was very stressful because we were among hundreds of tourists and had to figure out on our own where we should go and what to do. The actual tour guide of Machu Picchu was wonderful but the quality of tour staff with VIAJES PACIFICO was inconsistent. For this cost of this tour, all tour guides should be friendly and helpful.

Sally M
1 | 2019-09-20

After our marathon day at MP ( the tour itself was great by the way) the bus driver didn’t want to take us directly to our hotel—he stopped in front of a restaurant and told us we were only 3 blocks away and we could walk it!! After an 18 hr day (the trip home took 4.5 hours) my husband got upset and refused so they put us on another bus to get to our hotel-along with several other couples. Very weird situation, confusing. The driver and the guide didn’t seem to know where any of us were staying and they were asking everyone where they needed to go. Seemed very disorganized.

Yousef A
2 | 2019-08-21

Honestly it was one of the worst trips i’ve been on due to many reasons, even when i discussed with the other group members, they complained about the same problems we faced. First of all machu picchu was spectacular, our tour guide Hector did a great job and had so much knowledge and was very helpful. Everything else was terrible. We finished our tour from Machu Picchu around 12:30pm, and we had to wait up until 4:06 pm for our train, knowing that there was an earlier train at 2:30. We didnt have the choice to chose the timings of our departure and we had to wait more than 3 hours for our train when we were extremely exhausted since it was a long day and we had left our hotel at 4:35am. The train station drop was at Ollantaytambo, then we took a bus that drove us back to Cusco. We were around 9 people in that bus, yet all the windows were closed and the a.c. was turned off, it was extremly hot it seemed that there was no oxygen in the air. We kept asking the bus driver to either open the windows or ac but he refused. Worst tour planners they werent with us most of the time, most of us were kept lost and waiting, other tour guides seemed to have better planning choices.

Basil M
3 | 2019-08-20

We sent 2 hours at the site, in a guided tour then the tour guide took us back to the buses to go to the town. from 2-6 pm we stuck in a town with nothing to do apart from shopping. No free time to explore the site. I really don't recommend the tour to be booked through this tour company.

Thurman S
4 | 2019-08-12

Amazing that even with all the hype Machu Picchu live up to all expectations. My guide Alana was very professional and thorough. The tour is sort of a tag team starting with a meetup in Lima for a considerable drive to a town whose name I can remember where you catch a train and meet up with your tour guide in Machu Picchu city before boarding a short bus trip to the site. My only complaint and warning for others is to expect a very long train ride via PeruRail back to Cusco. The trains and /or tracks are badly in need of upgrades. We were traveling at speeds of 5-10 per hour for many stretches on the return trip. Just be prepared for a long tough trip back via PeruRail Also the first pickup in Cusco is about 3 am. I had to wait outside a hostel in the dark and was a little concerned for my safety ant not 100% sure I was even at the right location. I would recommend a pickup at your hotel or hostel.

Jonathan R
5 | 2019-07-29

Its machu picchu folks the most amazing place I've ever been. Hector our guide was brilliant too, part guide part pro photographer. He made an already amazing experience even better ...10000000 out of 10

5 | 2019-07-15

The tour guides were very knowledgeable and made the trip a memorable one. The entire trip was well organized and they even called my hotel a day before with the pick-up information

David W
4 | 2019-07-03

The Machu Picchu site was great but the logistics was tough. We paid for the more expensive train and the view was good as well as the entertainment. However, the transiting back to the hotel was harder than needed. We started from one large bus and transferred to a van. One other passenger had some special need that required us to sit in the van while he attended to what appeared to be checking out of one hotel and dropped at another hotel. Not our problem but we got to wait on him. The guide at the site could have been better. He was knowledgeable but near the end directed us the way out without explaining the exit procedure (get in line to get on the bus). We figured it out, but it would have been nice to know in advance. We would have like to know that umbrellas were not allowed as well as selfie stick (but many people used them anyway).

3 | 2019-07-03

I had to call the organizer (Pacifico) to find out the pick up time, which was 4am(some notice would be nice). Transportation was good overall, except that somehow i ended up on a train 1 hour later to than the rest of the people I went with. Tour guide wasn't very good, we were told we would get free time, but they failed to mention that the free time is in the village, not Machu Pichu. Having said that, Machu Pichu itself is amazing. The mountains are stunning.

Robert A
3 | 2019-07-03

This was the most important pat of my trip to me and it did not disappoint! This is an amazing place and the beauty is everywhere! This would have been a top review with the exclusion of the tour operators. They we just terribly disorganized and when we got back to the Train station they were supposed to have a sign with our name on it, which they did not! We were lucky to spot our guide but for awhile thought we would need to cab it. I would not use these tour operators for this tour.

5 | 2019-07-03

It’s nice trip, pick up at 4:30 in the morning, take 1:40 by car and another 1:40 by train, have enough time to walk around the Machu Picchu, good English speaking tour guide.

Thomas M
5 | 2019-05-08

Logistics for the trip were complicated but with one exception went off without a hitch starting with our 5:40 am hotel pick up. Our actual mountain guide Wilberth paced the trip well given the effects of the altitude. He took special care to ensure that we seniors were safe. He had done 3,000 tours! We were in good hands. Luckily there were only 5 of us, max capacity 15.

Christina P
5 | 2019-05-06

All the travel arrangements made the day very stress free and easy to get around! Our tour guide went above and beyond on! And of course Machu Pichuu was stunning!

Luis T
4 | 2019-04-10

Vida was our guide. Did a wonderful job explaining things and was generally looking out for the welfare of the tour group. Would have liked to have had an hour to walk around the park on our own.

Donald C
5 | 2019-04-05

Everything was organized and efficient. We were very well cared for all along the way. Our MP guide, Marco, was knowledgeable and friendly. He made the experience for us. It’s a long day, but we expected that. What made it bearable was that we didn’t have to sweat the details. We just relaxed and enjoyed.

Jonathan J
3 | 2019-03-28

I knew going at the end of March was risky as the rainy season was not over. However, it was worth the risk to avoid large crowds and long waits.

5 | 2019-03-15

Our tour guide Ruben was really good at explaining the Machu Picchu history, and he was really funny. Viajes Pacífico left a note at the front desk of my hotel to remind me of the pick up time, which was good.

5 | 2019-03-15

I was surprised about how much walking on uneven ground I would dneed to do at Machu Picchu. I brought a cane which helped me to climb over the rocks. Our guide Hector from Viator was very patient with me. He took my hand and helped me scamper over the rocks. Mauchu Picchu was on my bucket list and I am glad I went!

Biljana S
5 | 2019-01-18

I was picked up early from the nearby point as my hotel was in a road not accessible by car! I was taken care of and the guide that tookMe around the MP was excellent! Very knowledgeable and as I was the only one doing a tour it felt private tour and so wonderful. He took many photos of me in the best places on the MP. The trip was an excellent value for money. Drivers that took me by car to the train station were brilliant! I highly recommend this company as it is the best!

5 | 2019-01-03

Nothing will ever compare to how amazing this trip was. The tour guide was knowledgeable. The staff was on point and organized!!! Everything is handled for you! Amazing!

Cristina N
5 | 2018-10-29

Seamless experience, well worth the cost. Everything was included excluding lunch. Guide was great and very knowledgeable. Great experience and I would use this company again

3 | 2018-10-15

Its only a myth.. especially comparing with ancient Egyptians that made miracles thousands years before... If you stay around its good to go just for the experience but if you are far away better prefer Egypt where really miracles happened and not just a stone small and stone city that was built on.... 15th century BC!!!! When Europeans where talking about democracy culture arts etc...

5 | 2018-10-03

Great experience, The tour guide was the best He was very understanding and advised us about the high altitude and reminded us to listen to our body not to force it to continue if we were having issues with the altitude. I do recommend the trip.

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