Exklusivt för Viator: Tidigt inträde till Chichén Itzá med privat arkeolog
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Exklusivt för Viator: Tidigt inträde till Chichén Itzá med privat arkeolog
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Exklusivt för Viator: Tidigt inträde till Chichén Itzá med privat arkeolog

1 day
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Stanna vid: Chichén Itzá, Merida, Chichen Itza 97751 Mexiko

Rundturen börjar med avresa tidigt på morgonen. När ni kommer till Chichén Itzá följer ni med den specialutbildade guiden på en ingående rundtur av platsen. Ni får utforska platsen i lugn och ro tidigt på morgonen innan de stora massorna kommer.
Under resan berättar arkeologguiden om bakgrunden till den välbevarade platsen Chichén Itzá. Lär dig mer om hur den här stora förcolombianska staden spelade en viktig roll för mayafolket mellan år 600 och 1200, och hur den förblev en plats för tillbedjan och pilgrimsvandringar tills spanjorerna kom. Än idag betraktas den som en helig plats av mayafolket på Yucatán-halvön.
Liksom många av Mexikos antika städer övergavs platsen och ruinerna gömdes av djungeln. Du får höra hur platsen upptäcktes och grävdes upp av arkeologer, att den står under UNESCO:s skydd och nu anses vara ett av världens nya sju underverk.
Guiden förklarar filosofin, kosmologin och mytologin bakom den här antika platsen, till exempel stensniderier, pyramider, plattformar, bollplaner och trappor.
Besök observatoriet, jaguartemplet, krigartemplet och naturligtvis det berömda El Castillo, som också kallas Kulkulcan-templet.
Återvänder cirka kl. 15.00. Med den här exklusiva Viator-rundturen åker du på en tidig resa till Chichén Itzá innan massorna kommer, så att du kan tillbringa resten av eftermiddagen som du önskar.

Längd: 3 timmar

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  • Professionell guide, beroende på valt alternativ
  • Lunchlåda för Chichén Itzá (den innehåller en baguette, juice och ett kakpaket)
  • Transport tur och retur
  • Entré/inträde - Chichen Itza
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  • Avgift för att använda videokamera vid Chichén Itzá (mellan 10 och 25 USD)
  • Observera att från och med 1 februari 2019 fram till 31 december 2019 måste alla besökare till Chichén Itzá betala en lokal skatt på 406 MXN. Detta belopp kan komma att ändras för bokningar under 2020.
  • En bekräftelse skickas vid bokningstillfället
  • Vi rekommenderar att du har med dig bekväma promenadskor och kamera
  • Obs! Du måste betala en extra avgift för att få använda videokamera på platsen. Avgiften är på mellan 10 och 25 USD (beroende på enhet) och måste betalas direkt på plats på dagen för rundturen
  • Obs! Rundturen delas upp och varje grupp om 20 personer får en egen privat guide
  • Observera att från och med 1 februari 2019 fram till 31 december 2019 måste alla besökare till Chichén Itzá betala en lokal skatt på 406 MXN. Detta belopp kan komma att ändras för bokningar under 2020.
  • Den här rundturen/aktiviteten har ett maximiantal på 60 resenärer
Justin W
5 | 2019-09-24

Ramon was our driver and Frank was our guide. The tour was awesome. You should be a history lover to enjoy this tour.

vishal p
5 | 2019-09-18

I had a great time on this tour. The pickup was prompt, the bus was cool and comfortable, the guide Marco was knowledgeable and provided constant information during the whole tour and kept the group engaged. Being picked up at 430 am on vacation wasnt the most fun, but getting to chichen itza before the majority of the crowds (and before it got too hot) was completely worth it. Id highly recommend this tour

Kevin D
5 | 2019-09-09

Had a fantastic experience on 09/06/19 with Frank. Pickup from hotel was right on time. Definitely worth it to get there early before the heat sets in and crowds arrive. Bus was cool and comfortable, an easy ride to Chichen Itza. Frank is very informative and gives great insight. Only advice is make sure you eat before and bring water. Thanks again!

Amber I
5 | 2019-09-05

Our guide Marco made this trip great. He's super knowledgeable, fun and friendly. You'll have to get up super early for this, but you beat the crowds and some of the heat (was still super hot and humid for our September tour). Would definitely recommend this!

Majid D
5 | 2019-08-20

Loved this tour! Marco is the best tour guide your get for this visit and Jorge the best driver! Marco is an educated archaeologist, passionate about Mayans and their culture. He makes you awe with his deep knowledge of the culture and mathematical explanations. Jorge, the driver, got us through all the difficult roads and turns. Don't miss tour everyone!

Ivana M
5 | 2019-08-19

Very knowledgable tour guide. It is smart to start the tour early before the heat and the crowds. But one has to pay for the cite tax extra (around 20 EUR).

5 | 2019-08-16

We went to Chichén Itza today for the early access pass. Frank was our tour guide and he was so informative and phenomenal. Hands down and great anniversary for my husband an I! thank you Amigo Tours!

Rosanna G
5 | 2019-08-12

Really good trip. Marco was really informative and clearly passionate about the history. Would recommend going on this early bird trip as you miss the queues and avoid the heat.

5 | 2019-08-12

Yes the 4:15am pickup is early, especially while on vacation, but you will be grateful by the time 10am rolls around and the heat and humidity starts to reach the unbearable threshold. It was nice to get in and out before the crowds started to pour in and the merchants are set up. Frank and Raffa were great and was back to the resort in time to enjoy most of the day. Highly recommend this tour. You can sleep on the bus folks!!

Boris P
5 | 2019-08-06

Respectable Chichen Itza,ancient city of Maya people.It was presented by the host Marco Amigo who complemented this experience with his professional and interesting approach.It is certainly a good choice to go early in the morning to avoid the hustle and bustle,a great choice.Thank you Marco,thank you Mexico.

Natalia T
5 | 2019-08-02

Everything was arranged very good!! Pick up right on time,big and clean coach, 2 drivers!!!! Thanks for safe driving! Marco is full of knowledge and ready to share with us. It was hot even in the early morning(do not forget sunscreen).if you like to hear about maths,astrology,some hidden pictures, architecture' secretes - you need to go.

5 | 2019-07-23

Got picked up from Secrets The Vine on time and was greeted by Marco and the driver Carlos. Marco is a fantastic tour guide and very knowledgeable. Carlos is as professional as them come. He got us there and back promptly. I wasn't aware of the camera fee and asked if I could just put my camera back on the bus, but Marco took care of it and really went above and beyond to make sure my girlfriend and I had a fantastic time. Tour through the site was excellent and I highly recommend. We drove through a few Mayan towns and got to walk around one. Very interesting to see the way of life of another culture. I would book this tour again just to learn more about Chichen Itza and the Mayan culture from Marco. Thanks again!

Jason N
5 | 2019-07-22

Carlos and Marco were absolutely fantastic, totally professional and picked us up from our hotel. Straight away they made us feel relaxed and looking forward to our casual day out with them. Marco was so informatively throughout the coach ride and during our tour, providing a wealth of knowledge and really making us feel engaged and excited to continue. After chichen itza we were taken to a Mayan community to meet and receive a blessing from the local shaman which was a surreal experience! Thank you so much guys!

Tammy S
5 | 2019-07-22

This trip is 100% worth the $- it’s truly life changing. The early access is definitely the way to go, waking up super early on vac.is hard, but we were the first tour bus there, no line, and no crowd. It gets super hot and crowded, so that’s a major plus. Marco-our guide was so knowledgeable of the history and culture and is so personable, he was awesome and our driver Jorge was excellent and safe as well. They made my 4year old feel like the boss! They both gave us an experience of a lifetime and we would do this again. Make sure to bring sunblock,h2o,snacks, and good walking shoes. If your lucky, the village you visit on the way home will have their shaman available, we got blessed in a Mayan ceremony, that was a plus too. We checked the tour prices at our resort and it was almost triple the cost, this is definitely the way to go if you want to save $ and have an experience of a lifetime. You won’t regret it.

Maricel G
5 | 2019-07-12

Our tour guide Frank was really great. He's very knowledgeable and tried to squeeze in hundreds of years of Mayan history in just a few hours. He is very passionate about the culture/his culture and it's preservation. I highly recommend this tour! Thanks to Conrad our tour driver for an excellent job and making us feel comfortable during our journey.

5 | 2019-07-03

Our guide Marco was amazing. He had a real passion for the history of Chicken Itzá and the Mayan people, and it made the visit so very memorable. Driver, Jorge, was also great.

Deborah T
5 | 2019-07-03

We really enjoyed learning about Chichen Itza and more about the Mayans from a knowledgeable guide. Going early allowed us to avoid the later suffocating heat. Thumbs up!

Jason F
5 | 2019-07-03

The shuttle was on time they picked us up super early but we got to beat the Heat and the crowds! Marcos our tour guide and Carlos are bus driver were absolutely fantastic! Knowledgeable, personable, Professional!

5 | 2019-07-03

Fabulous to go in early, beat the crowds and the heat and listen to Frank's rendition of the science and architecture of the site. We had a guided tour as well as free time to explore ourselves. It was thoughtfully planned and an absolutely wonderful experience.

Susan W
5 | 2019-04-30

We got there early before all the crowds and other tour busses and before the temperature got really hot. Frank was our guide and he has so much knowledge of the site and the Mayan people. We were very impressed with this tour. It was just the right amount of time to spend. We got back to the hotel by 4:00 PM with time to relax and participate in activities. Highly recommend this tour.

Robert G
4 | 2019-04-01

Frank our guide was funny and knowledgeable. Easily spoke in English and Spanish. The lunch could be a bit better, but otherwise a nice day!

5 | 2019-04-01

Frank provides deep insight into the Mayan culture in a knowledgeable but fun and entertaining way. Well worth getting up early and beating the crowds and heat

4 | 2019-03-25

Early entrance was a plus. Other than the drive to pick up other people in a small van in shady areas of Cancun and then hopping on an uncomfortable bus for the trip, everything was great.

Dennis S
5 | 2019-03-19

First of all: I recommend this tour (especially early access) and I would do it again. The early access is extremely important. We visited Chichen Itza from 8:00 - 11:00 and it was really enjoyable that only a few people were present at this site during that time. When we left at 11:00, so many people had arrived that I just wanted to get out of there. And keep in mind that most people arrive not before 12:00. Our guide said that 13.000 people visit daily. The Tour was not cheap, (63 USD + 23 USD Tax), but in the end it was worth it. I saw many other tours, which were much more expensive. I can not imagine, what these more expensive could offer additionally?! Our guide (Marco) was amazing. Funny, knowledgable and entertaining. I am really glad that we did the tour, because you learn A LOT about mayan history. Our driver (Carlos) was also really cool and very helpful during the whole day. Do this tour and hope, you can enjoy Marco and Carlos as well as your guides.

Victoria D
5 | 2019-03-11

Great visit to Chichen Itza. Our archaeologists tour guide,Frankie, was informative and not at all dull. Getting there early made for great photos and we be the heat. The three hours at the site gave us plenty of time. Well organized every step of the way. Including hotel pick up and return. Would do this tour again in a heartbeat!

Kimberly C
4 | 2019-01-28

Overall good choice. Wish there was more time allowed for exploring on your own. Frank was great highlighted all the interesting points of the structures. A hour for “free time” is not a lot to roam on your own.

Raymond F
5 | 2019-01-24

The early access trip is the way to go to Chichen Itza! It was not hot early in the day, not crowded, and entrance was well managed. Our driver, Ramon, did a good job. Our guide, Marco, was outstanding....personable and very knowledgeable about the site and the Mayan culture . We would definitely recommend this trip.

Brian H
4 | 2019-01-07

Tour itself was good. Guide (Marco) was engaging and knowledgeable.Waking up super early was hard but it was highly worth it. Avoiding the heat and crowds by getting to Chichen Itza early makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Plus you get back to your hotel by 3pm leaving ample beach/pool/nap time.That being said, the Mayan village you stop in before Chichen is little more than a shopping center. And the box lunch (served at ~8:30 am) you receive is very underwhelming (white bread ham sandwich, small apple, potato chips). Best pack lots of snacks and water to keep going through the day.

5 | 2018-12-31

Excellent trip with Amigo Travels. The guide and driver were really good and the trip followed the set timelines. Also we were offered veg. option which was the cherry on cake, Early access provides good pictures ( ours was the second bus in the parking lot) .

Sheena A
4 | 2018-12-17

Nice experience, Frank is very knowledgeable and funny. Wish we packed snacks as the included lunch was not much -no pork free option. Also we stop at a souvenir shop first don’t spend all your money there as there are vendors at Chichen Itza as well. Lower quality items but they would also benefit from a sale.

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