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Budapest vinprovningskryssning
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Budapest vinprovningskryssning

2 h
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Om den här aktiviteten
Möt din värd i närheten av Donau i centrala Budapest och gå ombord på turbåten för en 2-timmars vinprovning. Slå dig ner i nedre insidesdäck vid panoramafönstren eller gå ut på det öppna däcket för att se och imponeras av Budapests sevärdheter.
Ungern är känt för sina viner och sin gästfrihet och kryssningen är ett perfekt tillfälle att prova både och! När du färdas längs floden får du kostnadsfritt prova några av landets finaste ekologiska viner, som tillverkas utan tillsatser.
Njut av sju sorters viner från välrenommerade ekologiska vingårdar, bland annat Ungerns Tier Tokaj-viner. Mellan de olika vinerna kan du rensa dina smaklökar med de utsökta tilltuggen som serveras.
Medan du provsmakar vinerna kan du njuta av Budapests landmärken. Se parlamentsbyggnaden och de UNESCO-listade slottskvarteren med Fiskarbastionen och det kungliga slottet. Håll även utkik efter Gellertberget och Gellertcitadellet, och se på när du kryssar under den berömda kedjebron.
När du är klar med vinprovningen kanske du vill avnjuta fler drycker (på egen bekostnad) i baren ombord. Välj mellan Tier Tokaj-viner, Szarjki Cirfandlis söta och halvsöta dessertviner, samt andra drycker och ungerska viner.
Uppskatta den avslutande stunden på vattnet när båten återvänder till startpunkten och kryssningen avslutas.
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  • Smakningar av 7 ungerska organiska viner
  • Snacks
  • Hotell plocka upp och släpp av
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  • Mat och dryck, om inte annat anges
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5 | 2018-08-12

Relaxing tour and seeing the river by night, great wines and an explanation of each during the tasting. Very Good.

Miss MM O
2 | 2018-04-02

I booked this cruise for myself and 3 friends. The pick up service from the hotel was on time with a very friendly and helpful courier who took us to the boat. All staff issuing tickets for the boat and staff on board were generally helpful and friendly. The staff also gave very clear instructions and had ordered out cab to take us back to the hotel all in the price of the cruise wine tasting toure. Only disappointments were as we entered the boat, a waiter was standing offering out glasses of white wine, but it then transpired that these were for diners only and not those attending the wine tasting cruise on the same boat. Shame as wine is cheap in Hungary:. When it came to the wine tasting experience, we were all seated at a very nice table with 10 other wine tasters. The real shame was the advertising of some savoury Hungarian snacks that would be on offer to go with the samples of wine - these turned out to be just a plate of plain bread sticks!!. The 6 wines we sampled out of the 7 on offer, tasted ok - samples were small and very slow service in between samples offered. The string quartet classical live music was delightful. I wish I had discovered sooner how to get out on deck as photography of the amazing surrounding was a feature I was very much looking forward to. The exit to the deck was not obvious as you had to find this by walking through diners having their dinner upstairs. Maybe helpful if for future travellors, the staff could proactively advise all about how to access the deck up stairs as not at all obvious and would have really added to my ability to take photographs of the wonderful surroundings!

Christy S
5 | 2018-03-16

The pickup and drop off was great! Drop off service is much needed as they do not hold back on the drinks. Very generous pours...I mean full glasses of 7 wines. The views were fantastic! Best view was on the first turn so be on deck for great photo opportunities.

2 | 2018-02-21

The wine tasting cruise was disappointing. The boat was ok and the wines were actually quite good with generous pours. However the snacks in the tour description were nothing more than stale bread sticks. There was very little description on the wines and absolutely no description of the sights we were going by.

2 | 2018-02-04

I give this trip 2 stars. For the wine and for the view. The boat was nice too. The rest of this evening was awful! It was not as expected. I am a single traveler. I thought it would be a lot of mingling while tasting. There was assigned seating and I was seated at a table with a group of Chinese people. The waitress who brought us our wine knew very little and couldnt answer any questions. She basically read the wine description on the placemat. She poured and left. She never walked around seeing if we needed more wine or if we wanted to buy a bottle. I waited about 15 mins between tastings and was afraid to go outside for fear of missing one. The complimentary Hungarian snacks was a basket of breadsticks!!!!!! So dont go on the cruise without eating first. The boat had a few things going on, a buffet dinner, wine tasting, and people just cruising. So it wasnt a very private space. This was so not worth 60!!!!!!!!

Steven B
4 | 2017-12-02

Really enjoyable, wine was nice, all the info was on the tablemat not someone talking about it, you are on a big boat, with people eating, or just sight seeing. Could see the sights or stay at the table and enjoy the live music. Ticket collection and the mad rush to get the boat..prevented 5* rating

Robert B
3 | 2017-11-27

Overall my wife and I thought the wine tasting cruise was good. The one thing we did not expect was to be seated at a ten person table on the main floor of the boat in a large room that can best be described as something out of a wedding reception. At first we thought we were kind of stuck sitting at the table waiting for each wine to get poured. We were trying to see out the glass windows on the main floor but there was a glare so it was not ideal. We realized pretty quick we could go upstairs and outside to enjoy the view so that is what we did. We just had to go back to our table every ten minutes to grab our next wine. There were a bunch of other tables around us where people sat that were mainly doing the dinner cruise. We are so glad we did not do the dinner cruise, the food was buffet style and did not look appetizing. Those people were also stuck sitting at the table the entire time to eat and in our opinion, were not able to take advantage of the views. The wines we had were alright, nothing spectacular, but it was different. We enjoyed being able to be outside on the boat. There are other boat tours that you are surrounded by glass and we were skeptical what that is like and if there is also a glare on the glass for those.

Janet B
5 | 2017-11-21

I sat with some very nice Canadians who took me under their wing, as I was a solo traveler. It was a beautiful evening on the Danube, the wine was excellent and I had a very enjoyable evening. I would highly recommend this tour from Viator.

Clive G
1 | 2017-11-05

We met infront if the Danube opera house and followed our leader to the boat, until then everything was fine. We then were put as a group in an area on the lower side of the deck. Our host, I believe her name was Mercedes, greeted us. After a while my colleague asked her what is upstairs and Mercedes told her 'Go and check', first inapropriate answer! after Mercedes came back to pour the wine I think she thought she was at an October fest, since she could not even pour the wine, we asked her to explain again what type of wine she was pouring and she barely answered, when asked again she rudely told us 'read the paper'... Probably it was her last day of work or had some personal problems... We will never know because we will not come back for sure! I have been organising tours in my country for wine tasting and this one was horrible! It could be a problem with the host since most people commented positively... we opted for this tour because of the positive comments we read on trip advisor... P.S the breadsticks are the only snacks offerred we ate them still, to toast for Mercedes : Not worth the 30 euros for 'wine tasting' its a pity since we were 3 agents checking to see if the activity was worthwhile. In the meantime we would like to congratulate the Music guys, because they are the ones who kept us a bit entertained, as well we would like to thank Sabina for replacing Mercedes, even though we are sure she was influenced by Mercedes against us.

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