Budapest folkloreföreställning med middagskryssning på Donau
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Budapest folkloreföreställning med middagskryssning på Donau
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Budapest folkloreföreställning med middagskryssning på Donau

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Inled kvällen i Budapest antingen på Donaupalatset (Duna Palota), en nybarockbyggnad från 1890-talet, eller på konserthuset Budai Vigadó från 1800-talet, där du blir visad till din plats för folkloreföreställningen. Luta dig tillbaka och koppla av medan en av två folkgrupper – antingen Donau Folk Ensemble eller Hungaria Folk Ensemble med orkester – intar scenen.

Oavsett vilken grupp som uppträder på kvällen kan du vara säker på att du blir underhållen av några av de bästa folkloreartisterna i Ungern – båda grupperna bildades på 1950-talet och har visat upp sina talanger runtom i Ungern och utomlands! De 30 artisterna i varje ensemble utför en koreografi som bygger på autentiska danser, varav några härrör från isolerade byar från för flera hundra år sedan.

Medan du ser och lyssnar på dem får du en underhållande förståelse för ungerskt kulturarv genom musiken, dansen och dräkterna i föreställningen. Föreställningen består av två 40- till 45-minutersavsnitt med en kort paus på tio till femton minuter.

När föreställningen är slut visar en värd vägen till piren på Donau för din sena middagskryssning. Ombord på båten kan du njuta av den avkopplande atmosfären med levande ljus medan du smuttar på ett glas mousserande vin, vin eller öl och äter en varm buffémiddag med ungerska och internationella rätter, kreativt upplagda av en prisbelönad matkreatör.

Under den 1,5 timmar långa kryssningen längs Donau beundrar du den glittrande kvällsutsikten över Budapests berömda panoramavyer som finns med på UNESCO:s världsarvslista, en rad platser som visar stadens fascinerande historia och kultur. Åk förbi området med Budaslottet, kedjebron (Clark Ádám-torget), Gellért-baden och Gellért-bergets frihetsmonument.

Efter middagen går du ut på det öppna övre däcket för att njuta mer utsikten över floden innan vi återvänder till avgångsplatsen.
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  • Biljett till folkloreföreställning
  • Sittplats i vald kategori
  • 1,5 timmes flodkryssning på Donau
  • Trerätters varm buffémiddag med ett glas mousserande vin, ett glas vin och en flaska mineralvatten (om alternativet middagskryssning har valts)
  • Två drycker (ett glas mousserande vin, ett glas vin, öl eller juice ombord om alternativet kryssning med dryck har valts)
  • Upphämtning och avlämning på hotellet
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  • Dricks (valfritt)
  • Upphämtning och avlämning vid hotell: Sittplats i kategori A med upphämtning: 72 EUR i tillägg och sittplats i kategori B med upphämtning: 59 EUR.
  • Mat och dryck, om inget annat anges.
  • Du får bekräftelse vid bokningstillfället
  • Rullstolsanpassad. Meddela vid bokningstillfället om du behöver rullstolshjälp; den lokala researrangören ordnar taxiservice åt dig vid Donaupalatset
  • Bekräfta hotellet för upphämtning till leverantören
3 | 2019-09-09

The dance performance was very long. Would have preferred to be on the dinner cruise for longer. THe food was good on the dinner cruise but when you are last in the row for the buffet, there was not enough for all guests and I think that was not well organised. Even the desert buffet did not provide enough for everybody

Cris P
5 | 2019-07-03

The hotel pick up was on time and the drivers were charming and delightful. I was traveling alone so that meant a lot. The dancers and the musicians at the Palace show were excellent! Entertaining and proficient at their craft. The dinner cruise was enchanting. I could not stop smiling--maybe it was the 2 (free) glasses of champagne. Seriously, the river, the lighted building and bridges were so magical. Also, big surprise live music on both decks of dinner cruise boat! Would love to do it again with my husband.

Florence Y.K. W
3 | 2018-08-23

The folklore show was really good I’ll recommend my friend to see this show in Budapest. Dinner cruise was quite disappointed because I was arranged for the seats next to the door to balcony. When the people go through that door make the noise all night long. I was feel very uncomfortable during the cruise. Although I had asked the staff to change the table for us. But they said the boat was fully booked. But I found the half of boat has empty table. That’s why I felt staffs were not helpful to me.

Thomas H
2 | 2018-08-03

The folklore show was wonderful but other things took away from our experience. First, our cab driver was late so we missed the first part of the show. When we arrived, the staff were not very helpful in directing us to the theater entrance up a few flights of stairs. When we got to the theater door we were denied entrance as they did not want to disturb the audience which should have included us. Once allowed entry, we were comfortable and the rest of the show was wonderful, the theater beautiful. When the show ended we were to go to the building entrance to meet up with our group. We were led on foot through the chilly rain for a ten-minute walk to the boat. The boat, food and music were very impressive. However, once we got off the boat, we were to meet with our individual drivers. There were four drivers in conversation. We all stood in the rain wondering where to go. We approached the drivers after several minutes and asked who was to drive us home. They were all unsure as to who they were to pick up and had to finally check their cell phones to see our names. Still standing in the chilly rain, they finally rounded up the riders and we walked a block to the vehicle. Needless to say, we were pretty wet by that time. These drivers should have had a list of their riders and been watching for us. This really took away from a fun evening.

1 | 2018-08-01

We attended the folklore show and it was lovely. The musicians were fabulous and the dancers were quite professional. The problem with this excursion was the dinner cruise. The food was dismal. The authentic Hungarian cuisine offered was not authentic. The meat was dry, doesn't matter if you chose the chicken or beef and there was no beef in the goulash. I would rate the food at best 2 out of 10. In my opinion, attend the show and skip the dinner cruise.

Cornelia M
1 | 2018-06-03

It is nearly a year ago that we went on this tour. I decided not to post comment since the experience were so negative. But since I am reviewing this year's tours on Viator I believed maybe I should tell the Viator team that the description of the tour is confusing and we for example thought we were going to a concert and then a meal....but it was only drinks...and since we did other things during the day, we were very hungry and therefore skipped the 'boat trip with commentary' to go and have a meal in town. The walk between the theatre and the boat was also very disorganised and a bit chaotic. I would suggest that Viator offers a 'private' tour version of this experience - I am suing the private tour options mostly and find it the absolute best way to travel in new destinations.

ashok , the Kiwi Indian
4 | 2018-04-03

The twin city sights at night time are amazing to look at from the river! Don't miss it !!

4 | 2018-01-02

The Folklore show was good the so called palace was stinky and old. The Dinner Cruise is nice not amazing.

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