Tidigt inträde till Parc Güell
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Tidigt inträde till Parc Güell
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Tidigt inträde till Parc Güell

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Hoppa över köerna vid entrén och gå in med din guide. Du kan njuta av parken innan alla andra kommer. Promenera med din guide runt extraordinära byggnader medan du lyssnar på parkens historia. Lär dig hur det började år 1900 när arkitekten Antoni Gaudí gavs i uppdrag att designa ett bostadsområde för Barcelonas elit. Projektet övergavs efterhand och förvandlades slutligen till en park år 1922.
Beundra den berömda mosaikbelagda draken vid ingångens trappa och porthusen som tagna ur Hans och Greta. Följ sedan trädgårdens vandringsled för att se parkens höjdpunkter medan guiden förklarar hur Gaudís kärlek till böjda linjer inspirerades av naturen. Genom att anlända innan den stora folkmassan får du bättre tillfällen för fotografering och en lugnare atmosfär än senare på dagen. Se sevärdheter såsom kolonnhallen med dess stenkolonner och den övre terrassen som kantas av en slingrande mosaikbänk och förundras över flera av Gaudís skapelser, bl.a. viadukter, pelargångar och statyer.
Rundturen avslutas i parken men du kan fortsätta utforska resten av området i din egen takt.
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  • Entré/inträde - Parc Guell
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1 | 2019-07-08

Our guide was 15 minutes late and the tour itself started 45 minutes late. They were very unorganized and had us constantly waiting without any explanation. My recommendation us to go to the park in your own and google the history behind the park. Complete waste of money!

Matthew S
2 | 2018-07-21

Park Guell is absolutely stunning with the mosaic structures surrounded by the beautiful gardens. We arrived for our fast track access to the park at around 7:30am. We were of the belief that we had early access to beat the general admission and the crowds. When we turned up, the gate was already open and people were just wandering in and taking photos, without paying an entry fee. We waited for our guide and we entered the park at 8am. By this time there was already hundreds of people who had accessed the park for free. Our guide had a basic knowledge of the park, which we could have gotten from the brochure. We paid for an English speaking tour but found out it was a shared tour with Spanish speaking, which delayed the tour. The guide did not want us to take many photos as this would hold her up for her next tour at Sagrada Familia. So once the tour was over we could then go back and try and get some photos. I do not believe this was value for money as I could have gone to the park early and gotten free entry with clear photos without the crowd.

neeraj s
5 | 2018-07-11

Excellent introduction to Gaudi's work and also the history of the park. The guide was knowledgeable, pleasant and answered all questions-excellent value.

Carole B
3 | 2018-07-10

Not enough infos to locate main Entrance, so we missed the Tour but got in any ways. Mainly in renovations. Much less to see and much smaller than expected. Deception.

Jamea W
5 | 2018-04-12

This is by far the best park I've ever been to! The all around structures are breathtaking. Antoni Gaudí was a genius ahead of his time. Although I not sure about paying for early access as the park was filled with visitors during this time who didn't pay.

Diana b
4 | 2018-04-08

Very informative, and the guide was very knowledgeable. My only complaint is I payed for early access- and did not get that. By the time we started they had opened the park to floods of other people

Elizabeth d
3 | 2018-03-05

Our tour guide was well versed in her information, but lacked a bit of the enthusiasm we were expecting. Might have had something to do with the awful family that we were in the group with, but nevertheless we learned a lot and came to appreciate Gaudi more after viewing the park.

Jack Rose
5 | 2018-01-08

WOW! What a wonder! The early time allowed us to stay ahead of the vast crowd that had started to arrive by 9 am. The idea of creating the first 'gated community' for workers and the new middle class was sadly not completed. But the masterful design and execution of a park for the people of his era is astonishing. We will borrow ideas from his colorful use of tile to restore our garden at home... recently destroyed by hurricane. Thanks! J and R Naples Florida. The only glitch was finding the place to meet the knowledgeable guide. Location needs to be clarified at the local level.

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